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    • April 14, 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (EDT)
    • online video conferencing using zoom

    Who are you now?   Update Your Identity Resonance!
    Wednesday April 14th 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern 

    [10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00p Central | 6:00pm London UK]

    In the list of spring's wood element qualities that we all want to resonate with - is couple of items that forms the topic for our next PHD - Identity and Self-esteem. When you travel your personal holographic universe - learning new things about your interior self and inevitably changing - your identity or how you perceive yourself also evolves. It can happen so gradually you barely notice or you are jarred into noticing when others give you feedback good or bad.

    I remember a pivotal example or two of this when chatting with friends sometime ago after watching the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. The story set in Savannah Georgia featured a revered  voodoo medicine woman - she was quite a character but I  was shocked when my friends said "...oh yeah she is a lot like you". Another friend once remarked I was like that cookie baking oracle in "The Matrix". I could not imagine how anyone got that impression of me, but twenty some odd years later - I get it and take ownership of bits and pieces of those perceptions! It makes me unique.

    While changes are constantly occurring within us as we manage the river of life, when we don't update our perception of ourselves, well-meaning others will try to do it for us, reminding us constantly about the person they used know. Perhaps our new well-being challenges them to grow as well and they are reluctant, or they are afraid of losing us. In the meantime, we may have barely noticed how our values and behaviors have changed. When we don't have the support of our closest relationships for our positive changes we can lapse back to the  old familiar non-coherent way of being. It's a choice we unconsciously make because it feels comfortable - even if we don't like it. We then wonder why all the work we have done on ourselves is not working! 

    Taking the time to update your self-identity can help integrate those new positive patterns from all the work you have done and help you live your desired life. To do this we have to acknowledge our changing values and how we have changed and where we would like to improve as well as appreciate our accomplishments.  We also have to stop resonating with what others think that holds us back and do all of this with compassion and caring intent for ourselves and others.

    Sometimes all we need to do is RESONATE with our new self identity!  Read more at the blog post..>>>

    This repatterning will help to :

    • become aware of our changing values that form our new identity
    • clear our resonance with what others think about us that holds us back 
    • update and resonate with a new perception of ourselves
    • daydream about  our life vision intention - our ideal life and start living it. 

    Ready to integrate the new you?  ...

    Join me for the next PHD Repatterning Wednesday  April 14th  at 1:00pm Eastern - A Repatterning to Update and Resonate with  Your New Identity

    With light and love

    Carolyn Winter

    PS - Group sessions are always fun to do with a friend so you can support each others progress.  Check out my bring a friend option when you register. 

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    • May 29, 2021
    • 6:00 PM (EDT)
    • October 23, 2021
    • 7:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online with video conferencing

    Join us for 

    The Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Session
    With Julie Simmons & Carolyn Winter
    Mercury Goes Retrograde 3 Times this Year: 
    January 30 to Feb  21May 29 to June 22 | 
    Sep 27 to October 23

    Join us for the next live session 
    Saturday May 29 Time TBA -  Eastern 

    []3:00pm Pacific | 4:00pm Mountain | 5:00pm Central 7 | 11:00pm London]

    Resonate with the best of this astrological influence when you participate in this group.  Customize your experience by send in your issues and intentions for this Mercury retrograde, join us for the live session or watch the video afterwards, and reflect on your experience with the session notes. 


    What is Mercury Retrograde all About? 

    Oh the stories about Mercury in retrograde motion! This astrological influence affects all of us but those working in certain industries may feel it more… The work of writers, broadcasters, webmasters, publishers and lawyers alike may feel held hostage when the trickster god Mercury gets underfoot!

    So what is all the commotion about?

    The general Mercury retrograde story goes like this: When Mercury is retrograde it’s easy to miss the details;  to misunderstand what was said; to misread what was written; to get the dates wrong or to forget to show up. This is why the common advise is to refrain from signing contracts, making major commitments or undertaking major new endeavors .

    Still, life must go on, contracts must be signed, houses bought, marriages (heaven forefend!) made; babies born and so forth.  By aligning ourselves with the retrograde energy we can move through this period with a minimum of misery, a deepening of our connection to our soul and some really funny stories if we keep our sense of humor.

    You can decide to align with this energy and make it work in your favor.  Change your own holopattern  of energy for managing Mercury retrograde.

    Julie Simmons, Astrologer &  Carolyn Winter, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner combine their talents to provide a unique energy-healing-at-a-distance program.

    Carolyn Winter, uses the Resonance Repatterning (holographic repatterning)  method of energy work to create new patterns for living life with more energy, purpose and positive results. She also does energy work at a distance using holographic repatterning and online interactive formats for groups who have a shared topic.   Together with astrologer Julie Simmons, Carolyn repatterns our particular life circumstances and creates new patterns for the group to positively align with Mercury Retrograde.

    SESSION DATES:    January 30, May 29 and Sep 27  

    The next live session is May 29  at time tba Eastern via zoom video conferencing

    Mercury Retrograde Period Details: 

    The Shadow begins Jan. 15 -January 29th

    Mercury is Retrograde January 30 - February 20, 2021

    Shadow Fade February 21 - March 13th

    conj Sun Feb 09

    Shadow begins May 14th -May 28th

    Mercury is Retrograde May 29-June 22

    The shadow fades June 23rd -July 26

    conj sun June 10, 2021

    The Shadow begins Sep. 07 - 26

    Mercury is Retrograde September 27- October 18, 2021

    The Shadow fades October 19- November. 03

    conj Sun Oct. 09, 2021

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