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    • October 03, 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • online video conferencing using zoom

    Life Repatterning for Abundance (focus on Money)
    Tuesday October 3 at 1:00PM Eastern 

    [10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00p Central | 6:00pm London UK]

    Having money is about an exchange of energies. When balanced, it  provides us with a reserve, as well as a continuous expanding flow that is natural and automatic.  We have an abundant reserve that takes care of our needs and desires and supports our financial goals.  

    However, as they say - money patterns are never about the money... how money does or does not show up in our life may also mirror a complexity of underlying patterns waiting for our attention to heal.  For example consider these questions from abundance repatterning for the patterns that may need your attention...   

    • What do you sacrifice in order to have money, power and energy?   
    • Do you know exactly what you earn and what you spend?  
    • How are you dribbling away your money or energy? 
    • What are your childhood memories about money?  
    • What do you believe positively or negatively about money? 
    • What is your primary money pattern issue? 

    By becoming aware of our entangled patterns,  beliefs and conflicting values we can shift our patterns and create more positive financial outcomes.  

    In this repatterning we will...

    • Name and clear our negative beliefs about money 
    • Identify and resonate with our money goals 
    • Become mindful of our money patterns 
    • Create a new coherent money pattern to support our life story. 

    This repatterning will help us to :

    • Become clear on our money pattern goals
    • Think  positively about money free of guilt or shame
    • Take new coherent personal actions to support our money goals  
    • Be aware of our money pattern energies and take action as needed. (i.e. - eliminate retail therapy)  

    Ready to improve your abundance for money?  ...

    Join me for the next PHD Repatterning Monday Tuesday October 3rd 2023  - Life Repatterning for Abundance (Focus on Money)

    With light and love

    Carolyn Winter

    PS - Group sessions are always fun to do with a friend so you can support each others progress.  Check out my bring a friend option when you register. 

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    Your  registration includes the opportunity to:

    • send in your information for the session
    • download the post session custom notes and contemplation cards 
    • video recording access and audio mp3 download. 

PAST EVENTS - All past PHD events are availabe on the Archives page with your Premium membership ($99 annual subscription). Others may be availalbe at the - click on WEBINARS

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