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Create  Positive Change  in Your Life
...with Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

 Holographic Coaching 

Is life sending you a signal to change?  Our present moment circumstances give us a place to start....

What issues are you expecting to face (or avoid) this week? This month? Or chronically?  Holographic Coaching with Carolyn Winter helps you to use these daily signals to create more calm, peace and joy in your life...

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Tools to navigate your PERSONAL holographic universe... 

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Exploring the nature of our holographic universe, the tools to help us navigate and related topics. 

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Explore specific patterns with Group Sessions & Webinars

The INTEGRAL LIFE REPATTERNING Course | Listen in to the course intro 

Between Season - Earth Element

Resonate with Natures Energy  & the qualities of the season - Free!

Introduction  |  Current Season 

 Got Karma? Take the Quiz! 

Clear Patterns formed from past life vows of poverty chastity and obedience and live your full potential.

Navigate Your Personal Holographic Universe... Starter Program $199.00

When we are aware...
Every present moment offers an optimal choice 

Our problems present opportunities to clear patterns and improve our life circumstances.  When we are coherent we become aware of the choices we have , easily take right actions and receive the support of others for our goals. 

Aligned for Mercury retrograde

Mercury goes into retrograde 3 times this year meddling with communications, contracts and new starts.  Travel plans are known to go haywire during these astrological periods. When we are aligned with this frequency, we organically clean out closets, put things in order, de-clutter, take the time to read the fine print and double check details. Travel plans may be disrupted but when we are aligned we are better equipped to flow around the obstacles and attract positive choices.  Read More...

Nun Karma Release Repatterning


Release lifetimes of limiting solemn vows made as nuns, monks and renunciates, and lead the edge of evolution today.

A spiritual consecration in which one is irrevocably set apart through a state of absolute surrender of self to a higher authority. All right to ownership of goods or property is relinquished. For many people, especially men, this commitment is taken to heart at a deep and irreversible level. Until now.

Isn’t it time for a change! This Nun Karma Repatterning creates a bridge between releasing unwanted vows (especially the vow of poverty) and creating meaningful lives and professions in the 21st Century. Anyone can use it and benefit.  Take the Nun Karma Quiz to find out if you have this pattern.   Read More....


WORLD PEACE HOLOGRAM - once we  have cleaned up a number of our own holographic patterns we become aware of our interconnection with humanity. We realize that we are not separate. At the same time we are experiencing the power of our thoughts.

If our thougths create the reality we experience, how do our thoughts affect the energy grid of humanity?... Create a resonance of peace within yourself and simoutaneously create peace in the world.   We can change our world! 


Contact Carolyn Winter 
Phone: 416-763-6306 (landline in Toronto)
Email: carolyn@lighttravels.com

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