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Receive additional support for  y our life vision intention and your personal holographic coaching sessions.   My goal is to support your journey and life vision intention by exploring the patterns vibrating in your energy field and how to clear them so that life starts to make perfect sense to you.     Each month a new topic will be explored in this group repatterning series contributing to our wholeness and coherence for our life vision, goals and other intentions .  

Topic by topic we are clearing patterns and resonating with new ways of being that help us create a positive life story where we are always at the beginning of something wonderful happening for us!  I will be using the Life Repatterning Inquiries from the Five Elements course, Habits for Success and Clearing the Seven Levels of Growth Toward Wholeness

Session Schedule 2024 :  Mondays at 3:30pm Eastern 
[12:30pm Pacific | 1:30pm Mountain | 2:30pm Central | 8:30pm UK | 6:30am Auckland | 11:00pm New Delhi]

March  25  -            Wood Element Repatterning - Reaching for the Stars Repatterning 

April 29      -             Life Repatterning Levels - Personal Power 

May 27        -            Life Repatterning Levels - Group Ties that Bind (Family Systems)

June24        -           New Beliefs Repatterning for Evolving Awareness - What is your                                                center of gravity? 

July 29        -           Fire Element Repatterning - Relationship Harmony 

August 26  -           New Habits Repatterning

September 30  -  Earth Element Repatterning - Transition Success 

October      28  -   Metal Element Repatterning - Pathway to Abundance 

November 18 -    World Peace My Hologram

December 16 -   Water Element Repatterning - Using Our Innate Power and Wisdom

Participation: Each session offers the opportunity to anonymously send in your information to be reviewed by Carolyn and included in the repatterning session and participate in the live session.  The session recording and notes are available for 90 days afterwards.   

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Venue: Sessions are conducted via video conferencing with your camera grayed out, ask questions or provide answers for the repatterning in real time.  The session notes and recordings are available online for 90 days (Members) or 12 months (for Premium members at the archive page)  

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