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Your World As a Hologram... the opportunity for amazing change! 

Can Holographic Coaching work for you?

"Our life problems can be as illusionary as a hologram.  Learn my Life Repatterning method to change your  angle of inner light and create a better outcome" - Carolyn Winter

People seek out my services because typically they have a problem, pain or limitation that has become too annoying or painful or blocks them from having what they truly want in their life. They've heard from others that the process is hard to explain but somehow works.

Others may also realize that they have no sooner resolved a problem, but another one takes its place with different circumstances or people but essentially the same problem. Concluding that this is a repeating pattern - with themselves as the common denominator, they start searching for different solutions and may also frequently find my services.

After clearing out the present problem and related patterns clients often use the process for more pro-active things like goals, intentions, plans, new habits etc.

Let me explain....

I call myself a holographic coach because much of my process parallels the process of creating a hologram. I use it as an analogy for how to create positive change. It works like this...

A hologram produces a 3-D object of light from intersecting beams of light resulting in an image which appears real. The image may be fleeting because with the slightest change to the angle of light on the holographic plate, another image appears instead. We consider the interference patterns of light beaming onto the plate (much like the intersecting ripples of water) to be analogous to the frequencies we generate from our beliefs, thoughts, feelings etc. -all of which are used in our psyche to produce the reality we are experiencing. If we no longer hold a negative belief it is difficult to create and experience a reality where we are driven by that negative belief. The light of our beliefs, good or bad, intersects with reality and creates our perception. It is that holographic image that we tend to respond to as real and perpetuates our unhappy circumstances. We can change everything with a shift in our angle of light (enlightenment). Question is - how do we do that?

I work with energy fields, resonance, and patterns to create change. I love looking at the pattern of things and helping others shift their angle of light - much like shifting the light creating that they gain a new perspective for the patterns in their situation. A new perspective can then recharge their energy field with new resources (Insights, actions, ways of relating) to resolve the issue - often organically, seamlessly, invisibly. For many, the problem pattern either goes away or becomes irrelevant.

"...Using my Life Repatterning process can feel quite magical" 

Everything we experience starts in the present moment and how we handle the choices of each moment. We can spiral up towards peace, joy, love, happiness, etc. or descend down the energy spiral of negativity, problems or despair. My work helps you to find that present moment center where you have choices, and helps you to resonate with positive life enhancing choices.

What you resonate with is what you tend to experience in life.

Throughout the process of finding our present moment center we engage our inner spirit together with our memory bank of life experiences and events, to find the source of light patterns of our current misery. They are often long forgotten unresolved patterns flash frozen in time, yet keep surfacing looking to us for a resolution. We also continue the search for other patterns that may be related and clear those as well. Once found, we confirm our resonance with these patterns (On or Off) and determine what we want instead. Profound shift occurs when we find an energy exercise or modality to put energy in our field and shift the precise patterns related to our problem.

Energetically we are tilting the angle of light to create a new and better holographic image for our life.

My Holographic Coaching (HC) services often feels theraputic but its not therapy. Its mostly about bringing the patterns vibrating in our energy field to our conscious awareness, and confirming their resonance within us. The story of how we got there is usually not needed in the process unless knowing the story helps us. Awareness is everything!

Discovering the 3 Holographic Surprises...

When we start finding patterns and checking our resonance a remarkable shift in consciousness occurs. Everyone says it must be experienced to truly understand but it does form the core of how profound change occurs. First surprise is when we realize that we are not our patterns...we are something beyond all of that hinging on surprise #2 - that something is directing the show! Who we are is quite separate from the reality we think we are experiencing. Call it higher self, inner wisdom or your mind but there is a part of us that knows fundamentally what we need, where we can make a shift today, and that can steer us on to a better path.

Holographic surprise #3 is our realization that we have the power to change our patterns.

When someone arrives for a first session typically they are suffering because they have accepted that their problems are fixed and that they are their problems. Their inner spirit has become connected with the problem more like kidnapped and feels powerless to change. They are totally surprised to experience something different.

"...experience something completely different!" 

Take a breath and breathe that in!

When problems become overwhelming painful and life is no longer enjoyable, we have become disconnected from our own inner source and ability to master life. The script in our head defaults to that spiraling down option of negativity - poor me, victim, entitled, deluded seeking revenge, relief. Often we live in this state for so long that it becomes all we expect and we totally forget what we truly wanted in our life. Often we feel victimized. We begin to live that hologram of pain.

When our present moment center is strong, we realize that all of life starts with our own thoughts, that 'we' (our inner spirit) is directing the show and we are living that script. Is the script unconscious and negative or courageously mastering the present moment with awareness? A tilt in light (our own enlightenment) can provide several possible images to live. Which will you choose?

The nifty thing about my holographic coaching services is that you can come and work on one problem at a time or as needed and create a shift that you need today. Maybe that situation with your boss, your partner or family is aching for help? Perhaps it is a financial goal or health issue? Anything you are dealing with today can benefit from a HC session. It will be perfect. Today's present moment experience will help you recover the lost parts of you when you explore your holographic universe.

When you do sessions routinely or however often you feel is needed, you will energetically go through successive stages of becoming your true self. Continued work helps us to clear up the back log of patterns, spiral through successive stages of adult awareness, wake up to our true purpose in life and master our present moment so that we live life with more meaning, joy and fulfillment. We then tend to treat problems as opportunities, set intentions for what we truly want, open to a deep sense of love, compassion and appreciation living life more fully.

As life goes on, your HC sessions will give you tools to help you repattern your own present moment challenges, understand yourself and make positive choices that helps you evolve your life story as you envision it. Your life will make more sense to you and it is one that you love.

You will find that this process tends to build on all the work you have done on yourself to date, and integrate it in new ways for even more fulfillment.

"You will discover (or recover) your inner strengths that help you
create the life you want and be able to set new goals for yourself that
help you live your life vision" - Carolyn 

With light and love

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

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