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About Light Travels with Carolyn Winter....

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Carolyn Winter is a Holographic Coach offering supportive sessions based on the energy principles of resonance, coherence and biofeedback. Since her Repatterning certification in 1997 by the Repatterning Practitioners Association, she offers her work for anyone intending to create positive change in their life. She is the former President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association (RPA) from 2004-2009 and 2015-2020 and continues to serve in other voluntary roles to support the organization. She is also the first Resonance RepatterningĀ® online coordinator (2012-2019), assisting licensed teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the Resonance Repatterning classes online with live interactive classes via video conferencing.

Carolyn first studied Holographic Repatterning in Toronto with Chloe Wordsworth and Ardis Ozborn in 1996. On Chloe’s advice she did 25 practice sessions on herself, 25 practice sessions on family and friends to integrate her learning and was astonished at the results. After completing the Chakra and Meridian course, and practicing 25 referrals from friends, she decided to make a career change from working with families, children and community center programs to a full-time self-employed Repatterning Practitioner. She became a certified RPA practitioner in 1997.

Carolyn’s educational background is in Human Development, a field that involves the holistic study of family life and healthy communities. She received her Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from the University of Guelph, where she majored in Child Studies.

Often motivated by hands-on, practical means to problem solving and community building, Carolyn found her place as executive director in the social service field, dedicating 20 years to not-for-profit agencies before moving on to her current profession. A solid leader with expertise in organizational , she focused her expertise in areas of   strategic planning, community outreach,and public relations.. doing what she could to help others realize their purpose and potential.

In some ways, Carolyn is doing the same thing using resonance repatterning in her holographic coaching session: assisting individuals to “resonate” with what they want in their lives in order to live in balance and attain their goals. Perceptive and highly sensitive to other’s needs, she has a gift for being able to spot patterns, get to the core of things and identify just what is called for in a client’s healing process. Often described as a “psychic intuitive”, she aspires to be both kind and compassionate in her work.

Carolyn is a long-time supporter of the wider Repatterning Practitioners Community and has served as President and current Board volunteer at the Repatterning Practitioners Association, a trade association that provides certification for its members. Remarkably, since 2004, the association under Carolyn's leadership has successfully brought together practitioners primarily from the USA and other countries, building a collaborative, mutually supportive community using only a virtual space. The association offers an annual online conference, professional events, certification, mentorship and the opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow together.

At www.LightTravels.com, Carolyn applies her life experiences, training and wisdom to create programs that support anyone wishing to explore their 'personal holographic universe' and move forward in conscious awareness.  She continues to create practical energy programs for individuals, groups and small business that incorporates principles of resonance, biofeedback and her studies of integral theory.

She lives and works from her home in the west end of Toronto. Her other passion is quilting.

"My purpose is to create a world of peace, compassion, and unity that supports the awakened and aware interconnection of humanity to flourish and becomes a force of goodness in the world. Through my work, clearing patterns of resonance, I help others to become evolved and awakened to their own potential of creating goodness in the world experiencing more joy. " Carolyn Winter

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