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About Light Travels with Carolyn Winter....

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

I am a Holographic Coach, community leader, program developer and quilter. In my personal life, I explore the world of patterns through textiles.  In my professional work, I explore patterns through energy work, to help my clients resolve long standing problems and issues and live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

I believe we are living in a time of transformation, at the frothy edge of change, where knowledge, technology, and personal potential collide. Every one of us  contributes to the renaissance  and unlike other generations we have the opportunity to live our true purpose and potential for a life of personal fulfillment... but sometimes we need help to move past the old patterns of being.   This is where I  can help you and  bring many strengths to this process especially compassion, intuition and understanding. 

"I can help you move past the non coherent energy patterns
causing your distress and help you resonate with
...what you truly want in your life" 

Compassion - Personal development calls for deep compassion and acceptance of what is - while believing that change can happen in an instant. We don’t always like what we see in ourselves, yet we often feel unable to change. Through my caring intent, I help you move past non-coherent energy - letting go of patterns that are no longer working to resonate with what you truly want.  

Intuition - I believe we all have an innate sense of intuition.   Using my own intuition as a tool in the holographic coaching process allows me to help you make the connection between your present moment experiences and the patterns that need to come to the light of day.  In this process, you will experience those connections as 'aha' moments, along with insights which inspire and encourage you.  Your awareness will expand and as you learn to  trust your own intuition, you will easily let go of outdated patterns. 

Understanding - I am constantly searching for the next point of growth. My goal is to make sense of life as it is and move forward with happy anticipation that something wonderful is about to happen. As children, we instinctively know we have the capacity to become so much more, but we often lose the map when we reach adulthood. The busyness of career, relationships and family stops us from pursuing the dreams that allow us to achieve our true potential. I use my integral understanding of adult development to help clear the patterns you no longer want to repeat, and to move into new energy states of consciousness, spiritual awareness, and personal growth.

Resonance - Biofeedback - World Hologram

"I am endlessly fascinated in how a simple session of inquiry
has an inner complexity that often leads to extraordinary results."

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My work reveals your world as a hologram, and using techniques based on principles of resonance and biofeedback, I shed light on the process of change. Through this work, you are rewarded with insights and awareness which enable you to take new personal actions that affect every aspect of your life. Your connections with others deepen and you may find yourself in awe at how easy it is to change, as the universe brings you delightful, unexpected surprises.

My personal passion spills over...   I enjoy expressing myself creatively through quilting or crafting old things for new purposes.   Woven into every beautiful quilt - whether using cotton scraps or expensive silks and batiks - is the deeper hidden resonant frequency created by the colours, textures, sources, shapes and designs and the quilter or community of quilters.   I usually start a quilt with a pattern and a person in mind.  The making of the quilt is an energetic process in its own right informed by the colours, patterns, materials and the person who will receive the quilt.  For me, the process typically  leads to a surprising outcome and a  beautiful final design that is a perfect representation of that person. I bring this same joy of pattern discovery and creation of beauty to my sessions for clients with love and light - always! 

"Make sense of your life so far including the ups
and downs and confidently act on your world"

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