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"Holographic Coaching, using My Life Repatterning method, is based on the idea that everything in creation has a vibration - its own frequency." - Carolyn Winter

For example, a signature frequency is what enables an MRI to detail out different parts of the body and its functions. Radio stations have their own resonate frequency picked up by our device when the setting 'matches' the frequency of a particular station. Similarly, our feelings, thoughts, movements, memories all have a frequency to them. We resonate with or 'match' that frequency and consequently experience whatever it is that is constantly swirling around in our psyche.

When we experience love, joy, growth and expansion in our life, we are resonating with the energy of life. Amoeba on a Petri dish will swim to the side of the dish where food has been placed and instinctively will swim away from poison or other danger.

When our frequencies are out of sync with what we want and matching the frequency of what we do not want... we are on a downward spiral of negative feelings and thoughts. We feel like a victim, let down, or entitled to our bad behavior. We feel out of touch with our true nature which is a sense of joy, fulfillment and contentment. We have lost the amoeba’s ability to swim away from what does not nourish us.

Identifying the cause of our out-of- sync frequencies and clearing them is the quest of each holographic coaching session we do. Typically, out-of-sync frequencies are experiences, situations or even moments in time when our basic life needs were not met. In such moments we create a solution to help us manage the pain of the situation, but without resolution of the problem. We now have an out-of-sync frequency that becomes a pattern attracting similar patterns throughout our life and compounding the pain of it all. These patterns show up as negative beliefs, an ineffective way of responding to life events, feeling stuck or trapped, unsupportive relationships and general unhappiness.

"You are more than just your patterns!  Your true essence is way beyond that...
there is an extraordinary spirit waiting to be released...
Let me help you with my Life Repatterning process."
Carolyn Winter 

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What makes it difficult to deal with is that these patterns have become long forgotten and are not easily accessible in our everyday awareness. They are disconnected parts of ourselves that simmer under the surface constantly eluding us. Life stops making sense and we feel like we are a victim.

Finding the core pattern or pattern sequence can tilt that angle of light within ourselves, helping us to see how we have created today’s life situation and giving us a way, a map toward wholeness. When we have this awareness, typically created in a session, we access our inner strength and qualities and organically create positive change for ourselves.


A key tool in the discovery process is based on the principles of biofeedback.

There was a time in an annual physical that doctors would lightly tap your knee with a small rubber hammer to check for a muscle reaction. That reaction is our body texting back...'message received - that tickled'. In our very busy tic toc world, our capacity for receiving the subtle messages life energy is sending has diminished. We have a gut feedback system that tells us when there is danger, yet we rarely cross the street to move away from it.

When we are in touch with ourselves, we are aware of the body sensation within us that lets us know we are happy or sad, enthusiastic or depressed, anxious or confident. When we bring patterns to awareness, we start using our forgotten capacity to notice our body sensations and use that information to respond positively in the moment.

I remember reading about physicist David Bohm, who wrote about the Implicate and Explicate theory of quantum change. He was a brilliant theorist credited with many quantum formulas. His work was challenged by an overly sensitive digestive system that would leave him bedridden for weeks at a time. It was not until later in life that he finally was able to create a positive change with the help of his friend, a famous Indian philosopher Krishnamurti. His friend pointed out that the digestive problems occurred when he was birthing the next theory and still working out the issues. His stomach pains were trying to get his attention for possible options. Once he connected his digestive issues to his theoretical work, the theory was easier to complete, and the physical pain subsided. He may well have been asking himself the Repatterning question "What is this pain trying to tell me?"

"When we begin to notice the negative body sensation related to
a present moment experience, we can drill down to its original onset
- an earlier unresolved experience and clear the pattern where it started."


In my holographic coaching sessions, I employ the Life  Repatterning process. A key tool we use is a technique called muscle checking, or as known in the greater alternative healing community, muscle-testing. As the practitioner, I use this tool in two different ways:

1. To determine where to go in the Life  Repatterning system using a set of energy 'maps' to identify the patterns that need to come to the light of day in relation to your specific present moment challenge.

2. As facilitator, I muscle check your frequency or 'match' for an identified pattern. You will either be 'on' for it or 'off' for it. It is important to note that while some negative patterns can be revealed - we are NOT those patterns we are simply resonating with them. Our energy is stuck there and we can change that.

In a typical session, all negative patterns that are initially identified are muscle checked as 'strong' or ON meaning, we match the frequency and consequently at some level are experiencing the problem. All positive patterns will initially check as "OFF" indicating our energy is weak for experiencing this life-enhancing pattern. That is why it may be eluding us. The 'ons’ and 'offs’ identify the patterns that need to be shifted and indicate that such a shift has occurred after the application of an energy modality.

Each session becomes much customized to your situation. From all possible options listed in a catalogue, we check for what combination of alternative healing exercises will put the right amount of energy in your system today to address the specific patterns identified. The energy exercises are based in theories of color, sound, movement, energy contacts, aroma oils, or visualizations. They are typically easy to do and usually address your precise frequency pattern as it is today. The same pattern may require something different tomorrow as your angle of light may have shifted.

Throughout a session the patterns are identified by the facilitator in partnership with you, muscle checked for resonance and recorded. Once the energy exercises identified are completed, the statements are rechecked for resonance. At this point, you will resonate "ON" for all statements that are life enhancing and "OFF" for all the negative statements.

What we resonate with is what we tend to experience. Post session assignments help you to integrate the new frequency patterns into your life and create the positive change you desire.

"The process can feel very simple with an underlying complexity
that is elegant and perfect and must be experienced truly understand"

- Carolyn winter 

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