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Holographic Coaching with Carolyn Winter
...finding inner peace, fulfillment, joy and contentment on the spiral of awareness 

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Navigate your PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL holographic universe with my coaching sessions. Together we'll discover the patterns that block your success and clear them with healing exercises and options that are customized to your energy fields.

How sessions work:

Arrange sessions when you feel ready or life is giving you a signal to change. It may be something long standing in your life but chances are that your present moment circumstances are offering the perfect starting point to create change. The session begins when you confirm your appointment with me. (Pick a coaching package below to register and then use the online appointment scheduler)

Sessions are conducted via video conferencing using the services. Sessions are not recorded to facilitate a present moment shift. Sessions may also be conducted by phone if you prefer, where you will contact me on my private land line in Toronto Ontario Canada.

The session uses 2 tools that I use as facilitator of the session. The first is our biofeedback muscle CHECKING tool that I use as facilitator to determine where to find the patterns and the second is an energy map or index that allows us to discover the patterns.

How does that work? –whether in person, by phone or by proxy, sessions involve a team approach with the facilitator. We use the biofeedback muscle check to identify information from the various energy maps, check your resonance with the information and record it.

Generally speaking, you will initially be “ON” for problems, pain or limitations and “OFF” for intentions or life affirming qualities. This is the only reason why the information surfaces in the session allowing you to name your true resonance with your life situation. The process eventually ends with a check for healing modalities that will shift the identified non coherent patterns and create a lightness of being.

Lastly, a positive action is checked for – something you can do after the session to integrate the shifts that have occurred and unleash the potential of your intentions.

Purchase Coaching Sessions Here - (select a package at the right) or at the STORE page of this website where you will find all of the options. Transactions are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Your credit card company will do the exchange rate for you.

How Often Are Sessions? - Unlike mainstream coaching services your package of 3, 6 or 12 sessions may be used as needed – a regular weekly or monthly session or as the need arises. Sometimes, when a core issue surfaces for healing or you are facing challenging circumstances, a few sessions are needed in a short time. However, you may then find that another session is not needed for a few months. Everyone is on a different rhythm. You and I can set these times together.

Let's Work Together - Holographic Coaching has a way of addressing life’s problems that helps you make sense of your situation, create a more coherent life story and support you in moving forward for what ever is next in your life. Get unstuck - call or book a session today.

It would be a privilege to serve and work with you.

With light and love 

Carolyn Winter 
Holographic Coach

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What others are saying about HC Sessions with Carolyn Winter
- read the REVIEWS 

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