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Energy  Support for Your Business

Your company is a dynamic system of success  resulting from the combined efforts of its people.  Nurture it's  growth and development  with Personal and Group Holographic Coaching program - a creative energy based approach to improve outcomes for everyone. 

My corporate Holographic Coaching model  is based on the law of resonance and principles of biofeedback  built on the understanding that everyone involved in the company has a stake in its success.     When we resonate with problems, limitation or pain - the whole team suffers. If our field of resonance is vibrating with acheivement, fulfillment, joy, and successful outcomes - the whole team benefits.   When individuals combine their fields of energy - good or bad - the outcomes are magnified.  Holographic Coaching helps your company leverage everyone's energy for the best possible outcomes. 


Use the Principles of Resonance to Change the Energy of Your Company...

  • Start with the company purpose, mission, vision and values -  create  cohesive energy among company members 
  • Clear underlying group energy  patterns blocking success
  • Switch on the company's  creative problem solving ability  for addressing  problems as company opportunities
  • Energize intentions for both personal and group tasks for greater achievement
  • Resonate with modern corporate strengths of collaboration, transparency, accountability 
  • Create workplace flow with entrainment energy

Create a new high energy state where your company is... 

  • Responsive to any external or internal unexpected changes
  • Practices clear communication and reduces internal politics
  • Aligned with its purpose at every level
  • Everyone is more energized, fulfilled and happy

Three Ways to Get Started.... 

1. Leadership Support

Personal Holographic Coaching sessions package of 12 weekly sessions or as needed. 

2. Resonate with Your 2022 Corporate Vision , Values and Goals aligning  at every level 

Customized for your situation  - In this 2 hour combined coaching and repatterning session, participants will feel uplifted about the company and how to meet their personal goals and achieve overall corporate success.  

3. Management Support 

Short term support for managers via three sessions of one:one holographic coaching to support their role in the company, achievement of goals and creating an environment of success. 

Get in Touch... 

CONTACT ME - Get in touch with Carolyn Winter now!

  • Is your company energy stuck, not as successful as you know it could be, or continuously facing seemingly invisible blocks to success?
  • Need a morale boost?
  • Do you want to change the energy of your company where employees are enthusiastic, optimistic, creative problem solvers, work well together, achieve great things together?
  • Do you require some 1-1 coaching?

...I'm here to help!

Please contact me  directly at  with your first and last name, and how you would like me to help. 
OR you can call me at 416-763-6306 (land line in Toronto Ontario) 

Contact Carolyn Winter 
Phone: 416-763-6306


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