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Resonate with the Integral Patterns of Life 


"What is your life vision? How would your life look if things were working out well for you? My Life Repatterning process uses a variety of energy maps to help you arrive." - Carolyn Winter

Holographic Coaching sessions using my Life Repatterning process can help you to get past your present moment problems, challenges or limitations so that you can focus on what you truly want in your life. What is your life vision? How would your life look if things were working out well for you? The process uses a variety of energy to help you arrive.

Through the Holographic Coaching process you will become familiar with the possible stages of personal development available to you in relation to any situation where you want more coherence. Energy tools are customized to your situation. Use this tool to determine and resonate with your higher purpose, track your progress, and continually set new goals that take you to the next level.

The tools of resonance and biofeedback will help you become aware of your current level of consciousness and uncover the unmet needs of earlier levels which drive your actions today. This awareness brings you to your next point of transcendence toward becoming a whole integrated self.

"Clear the unresolved, disconnected or lost patterns in your energy system that block you and you will release a wonderful energy for achieving your goals in the present moment."

The Footpath of Personal Development... 

Thirty plus years ago, on my own healing journey, I learned that there was a healing pathway spiraling upwards as if wrapping around a tall mountain. All of mankind can be found somewhere on along that amazing footpath. No matter where we locate ourselves there is always someone ahead to give us a hand up when we are stuck and not moving. Similarly, there are millions behind us on the path that can benefit from our help. I sometimes wondered exactly what is at the end of the path and does anyone ever reach it? I imagined it to be the place of the exalted - the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa or other living saints.

Our natural state of being is in touch with nature and its qualities changing season by season. We are tuned into the energy of life. Growth is our natural state of being just as plants move from seeds to flowers never questioning where they are going, we too must bloom to become our true self. I believe that is why magazines with self-assessment quizzes are so popular. We all want to know where we are on the path compared to others. How in tune are you today with the energy of life?

The notion that children grow through sequential stages of development was unknown until the work of Jean Piaget. Up until then it was thought that children were mini adults or just children with blank slates for a brain; that their childhood experiences were wiped clean with adulthood. We now know how untrue that was. What we learn from conception to the age of 5 can form our way of being into adulthood. Piaget theorized and researched how children move through successive stages of cognitive development expanding their thinking capacities at each stage. One famous example demonstrates the arrival of formal operations whereby a child can now understand the perspective of another. Show a preoperational child of about age 3 or 4 a ball that is red on one side and blue on another making sure that they see both sides. Then, hand the ball to the child with the red color facing them and ask what color is the ball on your side? They will answer 'red!'. Ask what color is the ball on your own side and they will also say 'red'. At this stage they can't imagine that your perspective would be any different than their own. A few months later, at the formal operations stage of development, the child will correctly name the color you are facing. You can probably think of a frustrating experience with adults you have met that could only see the color on their side of the ball.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote his famous theory on the hierarchy of needs in the mid 50's mapping out as in the diagram below how humans go through successive levels of needs that must be filled to feel happy with life. When we satisfy a level, we unconsciously begin the search again for the next level. Growth clearly does not stop with the onset of adulthood.

Similar theories and research have built on this basic idea. Most popular is Harvard Researcher Robert Kegan who wrote 'The Evolving Self' and mapped out in more detail the successive levels of adult conscious awareness qualities.

Integral Theory of Human Development... 

Writer and theorist, Ken Wilber also added to this evolution of adult development. Credited for comparing eastern and western spiritual traditions at the age of 26 in his book "The Spectrum of Consciousness", Ken Wilber continued to evolve 'A Theory of Everything'. His theory integrates our current knowledge of spiritual development, levels of conscious adult awareness, lines of development and types of personalities along with other 'maps' to access understanding of ourselves, individuals, groups and cultures. When we understand ourselves in terms of our stage and level of growth, we also tend to have a better understanding of others and the circumstances we face. Our relationships, communications and interactions are more effective. As we whirl through these developmental rungs of life outlined by Ken Wilber, we are increasingly more relaxed, unconditionally loving and forgiving, less defensive, more self-assured and more in touch with our true self.

As with the early development of children, the general rule is that we cannot skip a stage without causing new problems or issues in our life. Dyslexic adults, for example, typically skipped crawling and went straight to walking. Knowing the elements of developmental levels missed can help us move forward in the present moment.

"Your holographic coaching sessions using my Life Repatterning process
will help you to identify the precise point of change
...your system is ready to address today." - Carolyn Winter

This complex yet elegant model of levels and stages is incorporated into my Holographic coaching services to help each person reach their next achievable goal. While we always start with what is happening now (your present moment experience), ultimately, we are working toward the ideal vision you have for your life and its constant updates – an Integral You!

"Ultimately ...reaching a place where our life so far makes sense to us and we wake up each day anticipating something wonderful is about to happen for us! Let me show you how" - Carolyn 

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