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Repatterning explained and made practical!  Bring out your inner healer and learn all about the principles behind the repatterning method and how to apply them to your own situation to clear negative energy and strengthen positive life patterns.

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Seasons Repatterning

 Register for the upcoming seasonal repatterning free and obtain participation links, zoom conference link and post session notes. 

Use the past sessions posted as free webinars (links are below)  to boost your life vision intention with those qualities - no email required

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Repatterning Series

Sessions for 2020-2021: 

The Holographic Surprise -

Introductory Course -

  • Learn the basics of tuning into your own energy 
  • Transform the day to day problems with new thought habits
  • Supercharge your intentions for manifestation

World Peace Hologram 



Daily DIY Repatterning...
Coming this September

Energize 7 basic daily intentions with these healing options.

...your day will just go better!

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