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World Peace Hologram - Emerging From the Pandemic

  • January 02, 2022
  • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • online via Video Conferencing


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World Peace Hologram Group Sessions 
Returns in 2022

First Session is January 2, 2022
at 4:30pm -5:30pm Eastern
Emerging From the Pandemic

Let's put the power of a large group with focused attention to the task of creating peace in the world for 2022. This year I will be doing 4 sessions likely all related to the topic of emerging from the world pandemic. Our first session topic is very general.

Many countries have experienced a return to normal due to the high rate of double vaccinations yet many people feel uncertain about going back to work or life regaining some normalcy. That is not a surprise given many factors such as...

  • A shortage of psychologists who are already in high demand for people who have suffered from pandemic stress. These professionals are warning that mental health issues may linger for up to 10 years!
  • New variants are creating pop up lock downs  making travel or a return to a normal life unpredictable.
  • Everyone's livelihood has been affected - some barely making it or others not surviving at all. So many businesses have been lost
  • All of us may  be feeling the grief of having collectively lost 5.2 million people to this disease.

In my own world  I am feeling cautious about attending public events, shopping in busy stores, or having a night out at a restaurant.   I am aware that this hesitancy in me - well founded or not, is affecting others in the hologram. That is the holographic effect - the awareness that the patterns in me are reflected in the world I experience - and vice versa.  We all picking  up on the collective unconscious'  feelings as well. 

What post pandemic challenges are you facing?   -  In our first World Peace Hologram session of the year we will repattern the problems and intentions we are experiencing that relate to the post pandemic state of being. What challenges do you face in your career, social life or living your life vision intention? How do you want to emerge in a way that is better than before? What are your intentions?

We'll also set intentions for the world at large, taking our personal intentions to a macro level. Let's intend success for others that mirrors our personal intentions. For example, I may personally intend to feel comfortable going to a restaurant... my world intention is that the food service industry is fully recovered in my country / all countries/ etc and thriving.

Where do you need more resonance and coherence in your life for successfully emerging from a pandemic state of being? What do you intend for the world?

Ready to resonate with a new positive you in a post pandemic world? AND to create peace in the world with your intentions?...

Join me for the first World Peace Hologram Repatterning for 2022  Sunday  January 2  2022   at 4:30pm Eastern  - WPH Emerging From the Pandemic

With light and love

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Note - World Peace Hologram sessions are complementary and open to the public.   Registration is not required BUT gives me the opportunity to send you the participation instructions, follow up emails with recordings etc. 

Your  registration includes the opportunity to:

  • send in your information for the session
  • download the post session custom notes  
  • video recording access and audio mp3 download. 
  • attend the event live OR participate with the post event recording + session notes

PSS - Bring up to 2 guests!     WPH sessions are a great way to introduce family or friends to the work I do.   There is an short introduction at the beginning of each session to orientate new people to the process.  

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Phone: 416-763-6306


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