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Expand the Hologram for Peace

If you are committed to personal growth and transformation and an inclusive path of consciousness you may find yourself walking in the shoes of a planetary movement feeling the feelings of mother earth and our collective awareness.

Participate in a program of clearing our mutual resonances for everyday problems and life situations – whether you believe or not. Sessions are donated by Resonance Repatterning practitioners world wide.

Clear your own non coherent patterns and experience the world as a better place. Together our legacy will make a difference for world peace. Arrive at an inner knowing that who you are inside makes a difference to the world out there.  

... The Repatterning Practitioners Association


3 Options for Participation in World Peace Hologram
Repatterning Group Sessions: 

  1. Register for WPH events  as a member at LightTravels and be directly proxied into the session; customize the session for your circumstances at the members participation page (submit your issues and intentions); review the session PDF notes later to integrate the shifts for yourself.  OR

  2. Actively particpate as a member of the public  by watching the event live on Youtube, writing out your own answers to the questions throughout the session and reflecting on the changes that have ooccured for you. OR

  3. Join by proxy either by declaring your participation to yourself (public option) or or as a LightTravels member registering for the event.  Let the session identify what comes up for the group without your direct participation.  

All options will work.  Select the one that works best for you. 

Participate to make a difference on the grid of humanity! 

Make Peace Personal - Youtube Playlist

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