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The 5 Seasons Repatterning 

 Get in touch with nature to support your life energy!  

Resonate with the natural qualities inherent in the turning of the seasons. 

When we are in touch with our true nature, we are also able to recieve the various energies available to us from nature itself and its changing seasons. Tune into the qualities offered by the elements associated with each season to support your life energy, goals and plans.

Each season offers its unique qualities and associations. Sometimes the transition happens so fast we can still be experiencing the previous season as we move into the next causing us to feel out of sorts. These repatternings help us to resonate with the best of each season, easily embracing each season as it arrives  and as we leave the last one behind.

Join the repatterning to boost your energy for each element. 

Each of the sections below offer a FREE previously recorded seasonal repatterning opportunity.  Participate in the sessions   to energize those qualities in your energy field.  Click on the picture WEBINAR link to access the fillable PDF Session notes with links to the video and audio recording.  No email address is required. 

Participate in these year round sessions to improve your field of energy and support your life vision intention.  

Take these 3 steps 

  1.  Select a season below to explore and start by taking the quiz (click the link) 
  2. Next engage the related seasonal session via the webinar link.  The hologram for these sessions have anticipated your arrival with your present moment issues and intentions. Activate the session for yourself by watching the video and following along with the session notes.
  3. Review and customize the session notes provided for you after the session reflecting on some of the statements to help integrate the session. 

Spring Equinox - Mar 20
(Wood Element)

Summer Solstice -June 20
(Fire Element)

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Fall Equinox - Sep 22
(Metal Element) 

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Winter Solstice - Dec 21
(Water Element)

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"Best Holiday Season Ever!"

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Access the webinar 


The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step....

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