The 5 Seasons Repatterning...Free!

Each season has its own energy... Following these steps will help you resonate with the turning of the seasons and learn how repatterning works.

I have created this page for those of you new to repatterning ... perhaps you heard about it from a friend and you're finding it a little strange.  

All of us understand intuitively how the energy changes from one season to another.  These repatterning sessions will help you resonate with those changing energies.

Nature offers these energies to us in the form of different elements- wood, fire, earth, metal and water.     I have organized  the  repatterning sessions  below based on these different elements. Following these sessions will help support your energy, goals and plans as each season changes. 

Each season has its unique qualities and associations. Sometimes the transition happens so fast we can still be experiencing the previous season as we move into the next, causing us to feel out of sorts. These repatternings will help you embrace each season as it arrives and leave the last one behind.

Join the repatterning to boost your energy for each element - Enjoy! Carolyn 

Each of the seasons below is previously recorded.  Listening to the sessions will  energize the qualities of each season in your energy field. You can also fill out accompanying notes for each session.   No email address is required. 

Take these 3 steps 

  1.  Select a season below to explore and start by taking the quiz (click the link).  The quiz will give you an idea of what you would like to resonate with to support your goals. 
  2. Next engage the related seasonal session via the webinar link.  The hologram for these sessions have anticipated your arrival with your present moment issues and intentions. Activate the session for yourself by watching the video and following along with the session notes.
  3. After taking in the video session review and customize the session notes provided for you - if you did not do it while watching the video. you Follow the suggestions at the end of the Session Notes document to help further integrate the session.  

Spring Equinox - Mar 20
(Wood Element)

Summer Solstice -June 20
(Fire Element)

Fall Equinox - Sep 22
(Metal Element) 

Winter Solstice - Dec 21
(Water Element)

 Transitions Between The Seasons (Earth Element)

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...

"When you understand that everything is energy, governed by the law of resonance, you soon discover many many ways to navigate your personal holographic universe and create your best life story.

Try any of my 5 Seasons Repatternings to experience how this works! ... and yes... it will work for you."  - Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach. 

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