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OOPS! Looking for the Earth Element Transitions repatterning ?  Please click here. 

Summer Repatterning / Fire Element

About this repatterning.. 

Resonate with the seasonal qualities of FIRE ELEMENT – Being joyful often for no reason, exuding warmth, intimacy, compassion, being in touch with your sexuality, positive control, able to sort things out, social relationships, communication and connection, protection, balance, maturity and open-heartedness.

Our coherent fire element energy helps us to connect with people, form lasting relationships, and have meaningful experiences with them. I find it no coincidence that at least in the USA, family reunions are a staple of summer activity. Think of hot summer nights with gathered around a camp fire, singing all the old tunes that help us feel we belong.

Coherent fire element energy allow us to trust in relationship, easily bond with other and spend time with them.  We are able to laugh with others and have fun.  We have the courage to take risks and be vulnerable, perhaps sharing our burden with another. These qualities allow us to forge new friendships and relationships using a mature wisdom for what we are ready to share in relationship.   We may also find this an ideal time to spend on our own to recharge our sense of self sufficiency and confidence.

Take the steps below to experience the Fire Element Repatterning to support your intentions 

STEP 1.    Take the seasonal quiz.  What qualities do you need more of to support your goals? 

Take the quiz to become aware of the qualities activated this season that may support your life vision intention and related goals: 


The related blog posts at the top right provide more detail and coaching questions for each quality in the quiz 

STEP 2.  Download your copy of the session notes  

Download your copy of the session notes to follow along with the video on the right AND help you to integrate the session to address your current situation.  

Click Here for Notes

STEP 3.   Join the Repatterning Via Video with Carolyn Winter

Remember that the hologram is anticipating you! 

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