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Align with Nature...Summertime #1 Warmth

July 02, 2021 2:00 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

The Energy Season of Fire Element
Quality #1 - Warmth

Our current seasonal energy of Fire Element has much to do with the quality of our relationships and how we connect with others.  When entering a situation where there are new people we have an underlying need to feel welcomed and accepted.  Warm initial greetings can help to convey this feeling of being welcomed and opens us our energy field to enriching exchanges of energy.  

However, the part of the brain that is constantly looking out for danger or the sky falling in, can reduce our body language to something more cautious, stern, and aloof. Unconsciously we are on red alert for problems and broadcast that to others.  We can miss out on many wonderful relationship connections as a result. 

What qualities of WARMTH do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?)

Non Coherent Aspects -

  • "I am indifferent." ,
  • "I am cold.",
  • "I feel tepid in my relationships."

Coherent Aspects - I

  • "am warm, loving and affectionate.",
  • "I am spontaneous and playful with others.",
  • "I smile at everyone and bring joy into their life."

How will you use the energy of the Fire Element Season and the quality of warmth to add to your positive life story where everything makes sense and you anticipate being at the beginning of something wonderful happening for you?

I have options to help! Use my (FREE)  5 Seasons repatterning series to boost your energy at any time...  To boost your fire element energy for the quality of WARMTH try the Summer Season Repatterning for the Fire element.   Simply download the notes and use them to follow along with the video adding in your own answers.  The hologram has anticipated you! 

With love and light 


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