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About this repatterning.. 

Boost your life intention and resonate with perseverance, high-powered energy, empowerment, flowing, calmness,  boundaries, courage  and other water element energy qualities...

If you are new to my holographic coaching work, this free group session provides an opportunity to  meet me live online and experience the process and learn more about it.   In the Seasons Repatterning Group sessions participants become awake and aware to the qualities of each season and how they make a difference to our life energy.   

In this special edition of the Winter Solstice  repatterning we'll take into account the positive astrological line up of planets, as well as check on the qualities we need to resonate with to support our Life Vision Intentions, what we need to allow our energy to flow with vitality and what blocks us from doing that.  A self-quiz  (below) helps participants become acquainted with the energy in their field that may be ready to transform in this session.  


Step 1. Complete the Form

Complete the form Click Here to send in your information for the repatterning

Take the seasonal quiz.  What qualities do you need more of to support your goals? 


What quality do you need more of?  Join the repatterning to boost your energy for each element. 

  • Perseverance
  • Ambition-drive and High-Powered energy,
  • Empowerment,
  • Flowing,
  • Adaptability
  • Calmness
  • Clear thought
  • Depth containment
  • Reserves Courage
  • Boundaries
  • cleverness
  • Responsiveness -reflecting and listening
  • Soothing Effect

The Winter Solstice Repattering 2020

Join the Repatterning Via Video with Carolyn Winter
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December 21st  Session Notes - Winter Solstice Repatterning

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Contemplation Cards 
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