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My Story  

My Personal Holographic Discovery.... (How I Got Here) 

My own holographic discovery journey began in the early 90's. At the time I was an Executive Director of a Boys and Girls club, a non profit agency ... and for me a very busy job of grant applications, community relations and program development . I was under constant stress ... and it didn't help when the parent of one of the daycare children began filing weekly letters of complaint. This went on for months. His letters were petty and vindictive, often threatening to take the matter to the board of directors or local funders if I didn't respond immediately.

One day an acquaintance - someone who organized alternative healing seminars -  put a two-hour video in my hands and told me I had to watch it.  She kept asking me if I'd seen it ... there was a 3 day training session coming up.  I finally sat down and watched the video.  It was Chloe Wordsworth explaining the theory behind her holographic repatterning process for healing. 

No matter how many times I tried to watch the whole video, I kept nodding off during the first hour - then popping back in - fully awake - for the second hour of the video.  During  that portion, Chloe selected a member of the audience for a live demonstration .. and showed how a physical symptom could be linked back to a meridian point and a set of emotional/mental or relationship patterns. Chloe stood there, using a tuning fork, and I watched as the woman selected from the audience transformed on camera in minutes. I was riveted! I was curious! And I wondered if I could learn to do this myself.

It was 1996 - and anything to do with alternative medicine was new to me. But the look on the woman's face told me something had happened - she was glowing.

I decided to take the course.  It was a wonderful experience. Sixty people gathered for the course, flying into Toronto from every part of the world. During the lecture portions, just as I had experienced watching the video, many others also went to 'sleep'. Chloe reassured the group this was normal.  The information was so new to us. She explained that the drowsiness was a signal that we were taking it in at an unconscious level. There were miraculous demonstrations.  And best of all, an opportunity to practice Chloe's protocol on ourselves. The course came with instructions! I was exuberant, learning that everything is energy, and that the resonance of anything can change how energy shows up. It was like receiving your own inner manual! I left the training weekend elated.  Only to be deflated when I got back to work Monday morning.

Another letter from the irate parent landed on my desk. It was grant writing season, and the pressure was on ... the first grants in were most likely to be approved.  Getting those grants done was a priority but suddenly I'd lost all my enthusiasm. At the end of the day, at home, letter of complaint in hand, I wondered what to do. The instruction manuals from the training weekend stared at me from the coffee table. I could hear Chloe saying, "practice, practice. practice -  it will work on any issue and you can't break anything."

So late that evening, I started my first repatterning session. By the end of the hour, I'd completed the session. And I actually felt energized and uplifted. So much so, that I easily wrote a reply to the letter of complaint.

The next day, I handed the letter to the staff to give to the parent when he came in.  I also asked them to call me on the intercom when he arrived. I intended to discuss things face to face. However, by the end of the day I had not been called. I checked in with my staff at the front office to ask what happened. They said he had arrived earlier than usual, read my letter -  and smiled. Then this usually negative parent, stayed and happily played with his child and the other children. And before he left, he offered to fix some of the playground equipment!  I never got another letter of complaint from him. 

I was in mild shock.

And I realized that all that time, I had resonated with being attacked, criticized and judged. Once I changed my resonance, the complaints from this parent no longer matched my field of energy.  As a result, his complaints dropped away.  Maybe he found someone else to be a recipient of his ire.  But it wasn't me. 

I was hooked.  A few months later I found myself completing the remaining courses, leaving my job and becoming a certified practitioner.  I have never looked back. I've been doing resonance repatterning for 23 years. I am still surprised and moved and delighted every day as I do this work, by the changes I see in people ... and by how practical this system is - integrating the different theories about personal development of mind, body and spirit - and putting all of to work to change lives.


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