Life Repatterning Basics  


Energy Tools and Maps for  Creating Positive  Personal Change for Yourself

10 Weekly Classes To Learn Energy Techniques for Positive Change

Fridays beginning January 26th 2024 at 9:00am Eastern
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Do you find yourself facing the same problems or challenges over and over again – no matter how much inner work you do?

Annoying life patterns can show up in a number of ways…

  • You feel you can’t say no and then over extend yourself
  • You feel worried and anxious a lot of the time especially in social situations
  • Plagued with health issues or issues that are hard to diagnose
  • The things you have tried to make life better don’t work
  • You feel misunderstood or like you don’t belong
  • You have constant issues with money, key relationships, family, health. career, or you are unable to relax and enjoy life
  • A disconnect with your higher self or inner wisdom

Imagine how your life would change if you could you could do something to see clearly and…

Life improves for you every day so that you:

  • Feel connected to your wise self in a way that constantly supports and coaches you
  • Engage mindfulness habits of success and easily self-correct bad habits
  • You get along with family, friends and colleagues with clear boundaries
  • Enjoy a supportive family and relationship energy
  • Nurture your creative impulse with joy
  • You anticipate movement toward your goals
  • You are creating life the way you want it instead of being a victim

When challenges or bad things happen:

  • You can stop yourself from spiraling down
  • Change the energy to find an opportunity for something good to happen
  • Something surprisingly happy and delightful DOES happen
  • Your relationships remain balanced and mutually supportive

You have a new sense of life mastery:

  • You find yourself creating a vibrant positive life story where you wake up each day anticipating something wonderful about to happen for you.


The powerful course that teaches you how to change your energy and vibration so that you can create your life the way you want it to be instead of being a victim

  • If you have never tried anything alternative to solve problems this is easy to learn and you will feel like a genius.
  • If you have tried other things this process will integrate everything you learned and make it very practical.
  • If you learned a few different healing methods you can integrate them into one accessible way of creating change.

Learn How  to Work with Your Wise Self to create the best change possible

Your wise self is an intuitive part of you that can access and create the change you are ready to make in the present moment given time, energy and resources. Wise self knows what it wants for you at each moment that is in your highest good and in relation to all concerned.

In Life Repatterning, Carolyn Winter helps you understand the mechanism of resonance and energy combined with your wise self connection and use it to sort through all of your patterns, identify your resonance with vibrations you don’t want and strength the positive life enhancing vibes you DO want.

  • The basic formula is that what you resonate with is what you tend to experience. Change your own resonance to change how you experience life.
  • Learn how to use energy maps to know where and when to create change
  • This live interactive course helps you to get in touch with a brand new perspective where personal growth is exponential.


Meet Your Instructor – Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Let me teach you how to repattern yourself back 
to a place of wholeness, inner peace and personal joy.” - Carolyn W.

  • My quest for wholeness in life began over 25 years ago when a second opinion medical doctor said “we don’t know what is causing your problem… your guess is as good as ours”
  • I explored many alternative healing options and was fascinated by the notion of repatterning our energy to create positive change. I learned a few methods that are not at all well-known but highly effective. Soon after I offered my gifts and talents as coaching sessions for others to address problems.
  • Since 1997, I have served others as a holographic coach engaging the wise self of clients to help them find the energy patterns holding them back, identifying the best energy exercise to harmonize patterns and clear them.
  • My personal passion spills over... I enjoy expressing myself creatively through quilting or crafting old things for new purposes. For me, the process typically leads to a surprising outcome. I bring this same joy of pattern discovery and creation of beauty to my sessions for clients with love and light - always! 
Find out more about Carolyn Winter at her website ABOUT page:

"Make sense of your life so far including the ups and downs and confidently act on your world to achieve your goals"

The Life Repatterning helps you create positive change quickly, elegantly often resulting in delightful unexpected surprises…

This self-help tool is like getting your own magic wand - it quickly and elegantly takes you to a perfect place where change is ready to happen for you today and helps you shift your own frequency for positive change.

"In the course I show you how to...

  • Identify the negative energy surrounding you. Everyone has a long list problems but my method will help you deal with problem you most need to address in the present moment to make a difference.
  • Do a muscle check that identifies the energy of a problem/pattern  (like checking the oil in your car)
  • Use maps that tap into your own internal 'GPS” to determine where and what is creating the problem that is now a vibrating pattern of energy in your field and reach a new place of understanding where things can improve.
  • Use the tools that clean up your field. Once you learn how to attain a deeper understanding of the conscious and unconscious things holding the problem in your field of energy I will show you how to clear it out and resonate with what you want instead. These are timeless easy to do energy exercises and practices anyone can learn. Locate exactly which one you need for the circumstances showing up in your life today.

Learn to read the Maps for Waking Up! - Once we identify the patterns and our resonance with them, we move into new levels of coherence and life feels great. Eventually our energy system will want more and new problems will emerge. Discover the maps of waking up and growing up from Ken Wilber’s Integral theory that can help make sense of it all AND move you forward.

This course is for anyone who wants a practical self-help tool you can use anytime life starts to feel chaotic or you feel pulled down and want to regain your center. It is also a wonderful tool to use to create the next happy or positive thing you want in your life - resonate with a new skill, learn something, achieve something, a new positive habit, improve a relationship etc.

The Life Repatterning Process is a practical introduction to clearing up energy patterns and energizing your life vision and other intentions that help you create a positive life story. It taps into your own inner wisdom, creates a customized response for your process and helps you live your life from a higher energy state.

"Gain a new sense of control in your life! Get used to things turning around quickly."


In this Introductory 10-week interactive course you will learn:

  • The law of resonance and how it changes everything
  • The principles of biofeedback that generates your access card for creating positive change
  • The resonance checking tool (some call it muscle testing - I call it checking) and how to use it
  • An exploration of the spiraling path of awareness + your next step (Integral You)
  • How to Use the Integral Life Repatterning Session Guide for change
  • How to use 4 simple Repatternings
  • (add to this library with future courses and downloads)
  • Energy practices to shift your frequencies

Use these tools to:

  • Transform day to day problems with new thought habits
  • Address negative thought patterns daily
  • Supercharge your intentions for manifestation
  • Become aware of new areas of growth for your well being

"Enjoy the inner freedom, calmness, joy and happiness that you can create for yourself with this simple understanding and method. Feel the energetic difference before and after your sessions."

What is included in the course: 

A program support web page with all the class materials recordings, course outline, repatterning downloads, and opportunities to connect with participants for practice.  This is available for 1 year after the course. 

Venue - Live and Interactive... We meet online via zoom video conferencing; audio recordings of the class are available afterwards.

Course Outline:

Class 1 | - A New Beginning... the pathway to creating life the way you want it

Class 2 | - The Power & Magic of Resonance

Class 3 |- Principles of Biofeedback/How to Muscle Check

The Life Repatterning Process A-E

Class 4 | A. The Present Moment Checks

Class 5 | B. Mindfulness Pattern Checks

Class 6 | C. Repatterning Inquiries - Life Vision Repatterning

Class 7 | - Energize Repatterning /Habits of Success

Class 8 |- New Beliefs That Create a Transformational Life Repatterning

Class 9 |- Five Seasons Repatternings

Class 10| E. - Integration Options

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