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Nun Karma Release Repatterning - Relationships

  • February 14, 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Online via Video Conferencing


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    SPECIAL - INVITE A GUEST option to register a friend for $25.00
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Nun Karma Repatterning 
February 14th, 2022 Online via Video Conferencing
1:00-2:30pm Eastern 
[10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00pm Central & 5:00pm London UK]

If you took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in a previous life - as many nuns, monks and other cloistered groups did, chances are those vows continue to influence your perception of earning and having money in the present, as well as, having a committed intimate relationship. Vows made in a previous life tend to be difficult to clear as they were made in an altered state in the presence of the divine. What was appropriate to your souls journey back then may no longer be needed today. If the pattern persists, it can cause you a great deal of frustration and confusion around money or romantic issues.

On this Valentines day we will do a special version of Nun Karma Release Repatterning and explore the past life patterns still vibrating in our field today that need to clear. We'll also create new intentions for our present circumstances to replace that past vows.

Whether you believe in past lives or not, the nun karma pattern is one that addresses patterns that may be 'inherited' by our energy field from our ancestral past. Often they are patterns that are difficult to be aware of as they are far far removed from our conscious awareness but show up as patterns that leave us confused. For example, we do all the work and never get a raise, we work at our relationship only to be dumped without a reason, we find it difficult to say no to others feeling ashamed or embarrassed if we do.

In this Nun Karma repatterning we'll identify the past life relationship patterns - such as the vow of chastity - that no longer work for us in this life time and instead resonate with patterns for 'evolutionary' relationships in the present. Join me for this repatterning to either attract your ideal relationship or deepen the one you have with deeper patterns of intimacy.

This repatterning will help to :

  • Be aware of non coherent relationship patterns we are holding onto from a past life
  • Clear a past life relationship/event that blocks our relationship in the present
  • Resonate with new coherent ways of relating that support our authentic self 
  • Take next steps in deepening our current relationships

Join me for the next PHD Repatterning February 14th  at 1:00pm Eastern to navigate your personal holographic universe .   

With light and love

Carolyn Winter

PS - Group sessions are always fun to do with a friend so you can support each others progress.  Check out my bring a friend option when you register. 

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