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Resonate with "The Best Holiday Season Ever!"

  • December 31, 2020
  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • online with zoom video conferencing


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The Session was held November 29th however, registration remains open until December 31st.  Register to access the video recording and your customizable copy of the session notes to follow along.   Use the session throughout the holiday season when ever you need to recharge your energy for holiday spirit.  

Remember the hologram for this session is anticipating your arrival! 

With light and love 


My annual repatterning session "The Best Holiday Season Ever" is back! This is officially an in-between seasons repatterning linked to the Earth Element - for nurturing and being at one with mother Earth. Its one of my favorite repatternings for the joy it has delivered to others over the years. I think this year more than ever - amid covid coping,  institutional rebuilding, and  old ways falling apart... we all need this repatterning. Its about resonating with the magic of the season, the joy you can spread, and the unexpected, very delightful surprises you may receive. Whether you 'believe' or not, if you join the session... the magic will work for you too!

Register for this repatterning to send in your 'wishes' for the best holiday season ever. What would make this season miraculous for you?

- making the best of not being together to meet covid restrictions for health and safety?
- Handling a family zoom call?

- celebrating well and staying in budget?

- cooperation of ex-spouses or relatives about visitations and gatherings, presents and special events?

- flawless travel; good weather?

- finding every present on your list at the best price?

- relaxing and being with someone special?

- making the perfect gingerbread house with lights
-  a gift that makes you smile all day long

"What is the one wish that you really, really want to have come true? Let this special repatterning help."

Join this repatterning to resonate with your holiday wishes and clear out the worries that drag you down. Enjoy the holiday season and let it uplift your field of energy! Become a beacon of holiday light that spreads joy to those around you and the world.

"Where will you spread your light of joy in the world? What are your wishes for your community or the world?"

Register to obtain the links for sending in your wishes, zoom access information, reminders and post session  recording and notes.

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Everyone is welcomed to join! 

With light and love 

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

Navigating a personal holographic universe! 

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