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PHD: Ancestral Echoes - Clearing Patterns Rooted in our Family/History

  • September 12, 2020
  • 1:00 PM
  • September 18, 2020
  • 2:30 PM
  • online video conferencing using zoom


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Ancestral Echoes - Clearing Patterns Rooted in Our Family / History

September 12 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern 
[10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00p Central | 6:00pm London UK]

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Explore the entanglement of patterns in your Personal Holographic Universe involving  the present and inherited energies of your family system.    What unique  negative patterns are you aware of in your family tree?  For example each generation suffers a material loss at the same age.  Are you aware of the family patterns you need to clear to move forward in life?  What new patterns would you like to strengthen in your family system or create that would support you?   

Are you as fascinated as I am with those current Television shows such as PBS’s “Finding Your Roots” – the one’s that focus on one person and helps them discover their family roots?  “The basic drive to discover who we are and where we come from is at the core of the new 10-part PBS series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr”.   You may also be curious about ancestry DNA testing and your own family history.  The program episodes remind me of how we truly are part of our family system of energy and that we plug into the patterns seeded by our ancestors.    Episodes showcase stories of members in a past generation under trying times who took political stands or despite desperate times acted with integrity or grace or made difficult decisions that are repeated in the present day psyche of a family or individual.   Often the recipient of the historical exploration is at a loss to know how to cope with the information or how to integrate it for a healthier energy in the present.

That is where I find repatterning work can be so amazing.  We don’t really need the historical documentation to find a pattern in our ancestral tree and repattern it within ourselves to create a family shift.  It’s holographic – meaning that the family pattern is a frequency pattern within us and we can change our frequencies.    Family patterns are often stored in our unconscious mind as images that can be mirrored or reflected to us in numerous ways.  This repatterning uses some unusual exercises each participant will do to access their unique family energy pattern.  On the surface it is often experienced as a light-hearted exercise, but make no mistake... we are moving family energy and it can have a wonderful unexpected impact. 

We use the family system energy rules for order, our intuition and common sense, in the exercises to holographically create a new internal image of coherence.   The results can bring a smile to your face as you witness a softening of the harsh edges of your family and unexpected positive patterns emerge.

Healing the family system, is a responsibility we can each take by creating coherent patterns within ourselves to leave a legacy not only for the next generation but our world.   

What are the ancestral patterns needing change in your family system? How are you living out the problems inherited from your ancestors? Are you ready to change these frequencies in your life? 

Join me for the next PHD Repatterning September 12th.  Let's explore the patterns and create a new more positive wave for your family system! 

With light and love

Carolyn Winter

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