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Aligned for Mercury Retrograde 2022

  • January 14, 2022
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • online via zoom video conferencing


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Aligned For Mercury Retrograde 
January 14th at 3:30pm Eastern 
via zoom video conferencing.

Join us for 

The Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Session
With Julie Simmons & Carolyn Winter
Mercury Goes Retrograde 3 Times this Year: 
January 14 to Feb 3 | May 10 to June 3 | Sep 9 to October 2

Join us for the next live session 
Friday January 14th at 3:30pm Eastern 

[12:30pm Pacific | 1:30pm Mountain |2:30pm Central 7 | 9:30pm UK]

Resonate with the best of this astrological influence when you participate in this group.  Customize your experience by sending in your issues and intentions for this Mercury retrograde, join us for the live session or watch the video afterwards, and reflect on your experience with the session notes. 

Astrologer Julie Simmons writes about this Mercury Retrograde...

"Flavor of Mercury retrograde January – February 2022

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius moving back into Capricorn asks us to look at things from a cosmic, universal perspective and to ground what we see in practical, hopefully substantial and sustainable ways. Everything is possible (Aquarius) but only some things will actually happen (Capricorn). And those things require management. The retrograde motion of Venus and Mercury so close together in the same part of the sky reminds us that the problems we are facing as we enter the New Year are about all manner of systemic failures that we have witnessed over and over since the beginning of 2020. It is reminding us what happens when there is a dearth of foresight (Aquarius) combined with a lack of leadership (Capricorn).

The station on January 14th is not quite exactly square to Uranus which is also making a station on January 18. Although Mercury doesn’t conjunct Saturn exactly on the 14th it is rather close and will make the exact conjunction on March 2nd. This reminds us that the best laid plans of 2021 were often too little and too late. Sometimes it seems that the way we go about fixing things makes them worse! Uranus suggests chaos. In hindsight chaos often appears to have been change that simply happened too fast to be integrated. I leave you to fill in the specifics of how the Saturn Uranus square of 2021 affected your life.

At the other end of the retrograde, when Mercury goes direct it will station very close to the degree of the Venus Pluto conjunction which has been so much a part of the Venus retrograde journey which started December 19th. Venus is now moving toward direct which suggests a time of resolving to roll up our sleeves and do what needs doing. Once Mercury stations direct this sense will only become stronger. Clearly we need to do what needs doing NOW. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Whatever it is we think we can, must and should do, we will probably do more. All of it matters.

Mercury conjoined Venus at the end of December, even before it went retrograde, emphasizing the reality of what is not what once was. It conjuncts Pluto on January 30th showing us, if we didn’t quite get it yet, that some things are irretrievably gone. The time for grieving may go on but now is a time to deal with what remains. Easier said than done in a world of people who cannot talk to one another. Perhaps we are figuring this out and can learn to have less investment in who is right or wrong and more in simply making things work."

Warm regards,



What is Mercury Retrograde all About? 

Oh the stories about Mercury in retrograde motion! This astrological influence affects all of us but those working in certain industries may feel it more… The work of writers, broadcasters, webmasters, publishers and lawyers alike may feel held hostage when the trickster god Mercury gets underfoot!

So what is all the commotion about?

The general Mercury retrograde story goes like this: When Mercury is retrograde it’s easy to miss the details;  to misunderstand what was said; to misread what was written; to get the dates wrong or to forget to show up. This is why the common advise is to refrain from signing contracts, making major commitments or undertaking major new endeavors .

Still, life must go on, contracts must be signed, houses bought, marriages (heaven forefend!) made; babies born and so forth.  By aligning ourselves with the retrograde energy we can move through this period with a minimum of misery, a deepening of our connection to our soul and some really funny stories if we keep our sense of humor.

You can decide to align with this energy and make it work in your favor.  Change your own holopattern  of energy for managing Mercury retrograde.

Julie Simmons, Astrologer &  Carolyn Winter, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner combine their talents to provide a unique energy-healing-at-a-distance program.

Carolyn Winter, uses the Resonance Repatterning (holographic repatterning)  method of energy work to create new patterns for living life with more energy, purpose and positive results. She also does energy work at a distance using holographic repatterning and online interactive formats for groups who have a shared topic.   Together with astrologer Julie Simmons, Carolyn repatterns our particular life circumstances and creates new patterns for the group to positively align with Mercury Retrograde.

2022 SESSION DATES: January 14th, May 10th & September 9th  

Mercury Retrograde January 14th Details: 

  • The Shadow begins Dec. 29  - January 13th 
  • Mercury is Retrograde January 14th - February 3rd 
  • The shadow fades each day February 4 - February 24th 
  • Mercury conjuncts the Sun January 23rd at 5:28 am Eastern

The next live session is January 14th at 3:30pm Eastern via zoom video conferencing.

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