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What Happens Energetically When We Exclude a Family Member?

September 03, 2020 5:11 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Introducing Family Constellation work and repatterning

One of the more fascinating aspects I have learned in repatterning work is the proliferation of patterns that are 'inherited' frequencies from other family members going back many generations. A body of work by Bert Hellinger, known as Family Constellation work, identifies the underlying energy principles that must be adhered to by a family system in order to create coherent supportive energy that flows to each member, in a particular order.

A problem created in one generation that goes unresolved tends to surface in subsequent generations with other family members. It has become a pattern that the family conscience works toward finding a resolution with the most available family member. It can be confusing to the present members, especially if they take care of themselves, do lots of inner work and find that certain problems still persist.

You can get a sense of a system that is in order by looking at an image of a family tree from genealogy. Each generation is typically pictured on its own line. There are rules for where members are placed on each line. Try it for yourself.

Sketch out a quick draft of your immediate family tree. Arrange family member names in a 'tree' with grandparents on a top line, your parents on line 2 underneath them and you and your siblings on a 3rd line under your parents. Don't leave anyone out (no matter your reason) - all souls must be included in a family system for high coherence. Look at this image and notice how you feel. If looking at a brief mini version of your family tree does not energize you, then chances are it is affecting some area of your life. You may have systemic energy blocks that you will find useful to identify and at least neutralize negative charge it has for you.

There are a number of energy rules governing a family system - order, soul weight, inclusion, a balance of giving and receiving, systemic loyalties and more.  These energy principals underlie a set of Family Constellation repatterings I use in my work  that many clients find exceptionally valuable as they explore their personal holographic universe more deeply.

There are a few topics we can explore in the PHD (Personal Holographic Discoveries) monthly group sessions using Family Constellation Repatternings.   I call these topics "ANCESTRAL ECHOES". We'll begin with the "Including the Excluded" repatterning.

Has someone in your immediate family or in a past generation been excluded - meaning we do not talk about them, removed their picture from the family album, stop inviting them etc. What happens to the family system when we energetically exclude a member? No matter how much they deserve it, there are energetic consequences. Explore this pattern for yourself and join us for the next PHD session Click Here for Details. There is likely a whole river of energy waiting to flow into your life when the block is cleared!

With love and light


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