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Do Something Good...

November 11, 2020 1:36 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Today is Remembrance day here in Canada. It is no coincidence that it falls in the metal element time of year where qualities of value, respect, and appreciation are energized. My appreciation goes to the families whose loved one were lost so that we could have a life of freedom.

It is a day when I think of how fortunate my grandparents were to come to this country at the early part of the last century and to live a life of relative peace and security; how lucky I am to be part of the next generations taking root here and how grateful I am to those that served.

The complex energies of all of us together that make up this country and make it a great place to live, comes from individuals like you and me all doing our part. In my mind to balance the exchange of energy between ourselves and the those who have made great sacrifices we need to pledge to do something good with our lives and do what we can to keep the peace within ourselves and for each other.

With light and love


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