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Understanding - What is the higher purpose of your experience?

March 03, 2021 3:33 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

It is a key question asked in many of the Repatternings I have facilitated in the last 20 years. "What is the higher purpose of your (name the experience)". The question implies that every experience no matter how challenging has been orchestrated by the universe at some level and provides us with a silver lining, a learning, a new strength, life resolve, or perhaps an opportunity we would not have acted on other-wise. It helps us to gain perspective and find meaning in our lives.

In my holographic coaching sessions, many of you visibly dislike being asked that question especially if the experience was painful or indeed undeserved. I usually persevere in the asking because of the value it brings to your session. It is a great question to ponder to make sense of any life situation and also to energize our other goals and intentions.

Energetically our intentions all have a inner blueprint for their manifestation stored in our depths and connected to the non-local field of intelligence - held in a unified field of awareness which we all share. The 'field' of energy which would like nothing more than to manifest our intentions for us, is constantly whispering to us, giving us hints, trying to get our attention for actions to take toward our goals etc. For most of us the busy-ness of our day makes it difficult to pause, tune in, and hear those messages. So we ignore them and grumble that intentions don't work.

Recently, I was pondering that question for myself, wondering what the higher purpose was of my miserable last year of high-school. I had applied to the University of Guelph for a new program - one of the first in its time, called Child Studies. The entrance requirements were high including 2 maths - not my strong point. I was not doing well in one of the maths and it looked like I would not be accepted to the program. One thing led to another and I was resigned to take a gap year in an attempt to improve my grades and meet requirements for this specialized university program.

During the gap year, it did not take long to realize the benefits - having lucked into a well paying gap year job, and meeting a student from the same university who knew her way around the college and coached me on next steps. She had suggestions that I would never have found on my own. While it took one year and one semester longer than my peers to get there... I ultimately got into my ideal course of study. I felt lucky.

However, reflecting again all these decades later about the higher purpose of that disappointing high school experience, I am profoundly struck on how it shaped my thinking and life direction and ulitmately how it is focusing the development of my work now. In hindsight, my late start in that course of study coincided with a profound shift in mandate at the university. During my gap year, the university over-hauled their 1920's agricultural college roots philosophy with an expansive, inclusive, wholistic mission, vision and core values statement that each college from Arts college to Veterinarians implemented in their course requirements and curriculum. The university adopted the view that they were an integral part of a community, country and the world and that a graduate need to be educated on all of those views.

As a result, my first full year, was greeted with newly recruited professors from prestigious USA universities with cutting edge knowledge of the new field of early childhood education. Had I started the year before, I would not have had the benefit of their worldly instruction. What I did not realize at the time was how unique our curriculum was in training us to hold multiple perspectives and world views different from our own background. In many ways it prepared me for the repatterning work I do today and where I plan to take it in the next chapter of my career.

The higher purpose of my imposed gap year as it turns out, was not only to get me there, but to also support me in having a more integral understanding of the world and to bring that understanding to any work I do - for the benefit of everyone.

Now I look at that question "What is the higher purpose of your experience?" with awe and can't ask it enough!

Take the challenge! - I invite you to play with this notion as you navigate your personal holographic universe. Looking at our present moment experiences of the Pandemic and all that it is doing to our lives on so many levels, I ask you to ponder the higher purpose and share your reflections at the respective blog post links below. For the next 10 days, you won't have to login to reply. Just click the link and then the reply button to share. Answer either one or both.

1. What is the higher purpose of the Pandemic for you you personally? What silver lining, learning, insight or positive experiences has it brought to you? Click here to REPLY

2. What is the higher purpose of the Pandemic (in your opinion) for the world at large or mother earth? How will humanity's responses to the pandemic serve the world in a positive way? Click here to REPLY

I am looking forward to hearing your insights!

With love and light


PS - I will publish a round-up of replies in an upcoming newsletter. 

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