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What are Your Ghosts of Christmas Past?

December 20, 2020 8:30 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Our resonance with non-coherent patterns of distress can get a whole lot worse during the holiday season, either because of the acceleration of commitments and things to do leaves us on a short fuse  or because the usual work commitments slow down and suddenly we have time on our hands.  Either scenario may find us invoking and  encountering the ghosts from Christmas past that inspired Charles Dickens.   If we are overly busy we can react to the slightest thing that reminds us of unresolved hurts.  In reaction our angry responses can flow like volcanic ash stopping anyone in our path by yelling, insulting, criticizing, judging others etc. On the other hand with time on our hands, especially during a pandemic lock down, we may have more time to reflect and go to the places in our psyche that need healing.  We may feel mildly depress, sad for no reason or notice that any number of Christmas movie specials can bring on tears that go way beyond the movie.   Some time ago, at a social gathering someone was asked what their favorite Christmas carol was as a child.  There was an awkward pause and then the realization and explanation that there were no songs of joy in the past for this person to access.   In that moment of answering an innocent question she went directly to the ghosts who had never been forgiven.

In Charles Dickens’ tale of the Christmas Carol, Scrooge albeit reluctantly, takes the opportunity to meet with his ghosts of Christmas past and in a sense repatterns his resonance with these experiences.  The experiences themselves really happened and can’t be changed.  What is in our control is our responses and emotional well-being.   By looking at the turning point events of his life, and taking in the wisdom of the ghosts, he gains a new perspective that makes it easier for him to understand himself, forgive and be forgiven.  His energy no longer goes to the place of anger, revenge, greed etc. .  Instead it goes wholeheartedly towards keeping the season in the present. The past remains in the past.

Like Scrooge are you allowing yourself to meet your ghosts and get a new perspective?   For many the holiday season presents an opportunity to get to the source of a core issue in their lives and do healing work that clears away the invisible blocks causing limitation or pain.   Take the time this holiday season to meet your ghosts, journal about their stories, and perspectives.  What new insights do you have of these past events?  What action did you want to take but could not? Or what action would you like to take back? What are your regrets? If your insights feel over-whelming, consider enrolling the help of a professional counselor, therapist, spiritual mentor or coach.   It is an opportunity to clear away inner burdens that have been holding you back in ways you barely recognize.  Dealing with the ghosts will help you to enjoy the season and start the new year with coherent energy  to move towards  your very best.

Of course be sure to join the Repatterning for the Earth Element (In between season) , where I will be uncovering all non-coherent patterns related to our having “The best holiday season ever.

With love and light 

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

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