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Who do you need to forgive? Use the blessings of the fall season!

December 09, 2020 4:00 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Forgive, Let Go, Acknowledge -  - take a last look at Metal Element Seasonal qualities to support your energy field

When we are in synch with seasonal energies we have the wind at our back, helping us to move forward with ease and grace. In the northern hemisphere we are coming to the final weeks of the the fall season and the metal element time of year.

There are a number of qualities associated with metal element including forgiveness in the sense of letting go, acknowledgement and appreciation. Many popular movie scripts run on these two plot lines! Invoke the energy of the season by playing with these qualities within yourself. By playing, I mean noticing how they show up in your thoughts and actions and try something new.  Navigate your personal holographic universe with these suggestions and questions for reflection:

Who do you need to forgive? - unresolved hurts   tend to show up for us during the holidays when having to deal with social invitations and situations. Who or what are you avoiding because of an unresolved situation or who do you need to forgive? End the year with a fresh start by clearing the air where you can. It will be a courageous action on your part.  That alone generates enormous energy. 

What do you need to forgive yourself for? - we all make mistakes but when you can't let go that kind of self-criticism, it festers and can render debilitating energy for anything else you would like to create in your life. Admit your mistakes and look for the lessons that they taught you. Add those learnings to your daily positive update on your life story!   

What do you most regret this past year? - this question will give you an energetic heads up on New Years resolutions. Naming our regrets and letting them go, similar to forgiveness, clears space in our brain, as we let out all those old sinking feelings of things that did not work out for us. The "letting go" quality of metal element will help you with this activity. Make a list of your regrets and take some deep healing breathes and then throw that piece of paper away.

When you reflect or journal on any of the above questions notice your feeling state and body tension. Chances are you already feel better.

What is good about you? Too many of us have spent too much time beating ourselves up over our imperfections.   Acknowledging what is good takes more of a conscious effort. Make self acknowledgement a new thinking habit. For example, end your work day with a quick run through in your mind of what you accomplished and what went well and reward all your listening brain cells with a heart felt positive "YES!!! I did that!" or "What a great job!" "Today I outdid myself!". Initially your brain may be a little confused to hear your frequent positive acknowledgements, but if you stick with it you will rarely dial yourself down with negative thoughts again.

What do you need to open the space for in your life? - Qualities of Forgiveness, Letting Go and Appreciation/Acknowledgement tends to create new space for us energetically. What new thing in your life will you fill it with? Dust off your Life Vision Intention and update your next steps, next project, next move.

Energize your reflections for a final metal element boost with this Lung Meridian (part of metal element) exercise:

  1. Breath out your regrets and past hurts from others
  2. breath in forgiveness for yourself and others
  3. Breath in acknowledge for all the good things about yourself and feel the expanded space for what is most important to you going forward.

Forgive - Let Go - Acknowledge - Expand Your Thoughts.

For an added boost to your metal element use the group session recording for The Fall Equinox Repatterning (free)

Enjoy navigating your personal holographic universe!

With light and love

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

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