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The Energy Season of Metal Element - Quality #9 Appreciation & Accomplishment

November 22, 2021 3:20 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

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The Energy Season of Metal Element

Quality #9 - Appreciation 

Are you tapping into the metal element energy of the fall season? Appreciation and acknowledgment are qualities activated at this time of year. It’s no coincidence that celebrations of Thanks Giving (both American and Canadian) are scheduled in this time period. Appreciation is a basic life need. If our needs for being validated and appreciated were not met at a young impressionable age, we can spend a lifetime trying to untangle from the pain of it. We become perfectionists, procrastinators or out of balance entertainers seeking attention where ever we can get it-positive or negative.

Chances are if no one modelled appreciation for you when you were young, you did not learn to do it for yourself and so the pattern persists . Your accomplishments may be long, but you are still driven to do more for the validation, appreciation or acknowledgement that you need. So how do we recover from the remnants of this early life pattern?

Appreciation both for yourself and giving it to others is a very powerful healing tool. When we feel appreciation our field of energy expands and we are motivated to do more for ourselves and others. You don’t need to wait for others to appreciate yourself. Something I learned sometime ago from Dr Dan Baker’s book “What Happy People Know” is that it is scientifically shown that you can’t be in a state of anxiety or worry AND appreciation at the same time. The brain can hold one emotion or the other but not both in the same moment.

Appreciation Rx - If you find yourself unreasonably anxious you could try his recommended exercise of naming what you appreciate about yourself and /or name your accomplishments however small. Actively writing out a list of appreciations for at least a minute will get you some temporary relief. Write for 10 minutes and you will kick start a new more positive brain wave that gets you out of the anxiety loop. Keep it up for an hour and you could be rewiring yourself for a better state of mind.

This week our Americans friends  are celebrating Thanksgiving and my love, blessings and appreciation go out to all of you. Thank you for being part of the resonance repatterning community, for your referrals over the last year , for your emails of appreciation and stories of change. It is indeed a privilege to serve you.

What qualities of APPRECIATION  do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?)

Non Coherent Aspects -

  •  I don't take in another persons appreciation of me.
  • I don't acknowledge myself. 
  • I don't appreciate the little things in life. 

Coherent Aspects -

  •  I acknowledge what others do. 
  • I appreciate ________. (name someone relevant to you) 
  • I acknowledge myself for my accomplishments.

How will you use the energy of the Metal Element Season and the quality of APPRECIATION AND ACCOMPLISHMENT  to add to your positive life story... where everything makes sense and you anticipate being at the beginning of something wonderful happening for you?

I have options to help you Improve your life story now!... 

With light and love


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