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Align With Nature... Metal Element Quality #3 - Value

October 13, 2021 4:38 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Create a better life story when you resonate with
the best of nature and your inner connection

The Energy Season of Metal Element

Quality #3 - Value

As of September 22, 2021 we are now in the seasonal energy of Metal Element that aligns with autumn in the northern hemisphere. Click here if you are in the southern hemisphere.

What do you value? ..I am always moved to tears to watch the news reports of victims from any number of natural disasters - fires, floods, earthquakes etc. Inevitably, survivors all say with devastation and sadness, that even though they lost many treasured things... they feel lucky that they or their family survived. "Everything else can be replaced"... is the usual refrain.

Coherent metal element does give us the ability to... value things that are important to us, as well as intangible qualities - intellectual gifts, personality, relationships etc. When our metal is coherent we take care of these things, give them a rightful place in our lives and feel energized by their presence in our life. And while we may value material things our coherent metal energy will help us determine what is of true importance and value for us - our family and other relationships.

When our metal element is non coherent we may find ourselves becoming very materialistic - wanting and acquiring things beyond our means to show off and build our self esteem. We may be inclined to hang onto things no longer knowing why we have them or its value to us. Evidence of this pattern may be found in over-flowing drawers, closets, garages, attics etc We may put down others in the workplace to make our own position more important or engage in nasty gossip for the same reason. We may also devalue ourselves and our gifts and talents.

Energize your Metal Element - Boost your metal element energy with this quick journaling exercise. Write out several brain-stormed lists of all the things you value - a My Favorite Things List, top 10 favorite experiences, favorite friendships and relationships, 10 things about you that you appreciate, and 10 things you appreciate about someone in your life who is difficult for you. Notice how you feel and your body sensations as you write out these lists.

How has the metal element quality of VALUE
supported your life story?

What qualities of vALUE do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?)

Non Coherent Aspects -

  • I devalue others
  • Others demean me.
  • I buy objects to impress people.
  • I emphasize things of external worth in compensation for my low sense of self worth

Coherent Aspects -

  • I value myself and others
  • Others value me.
  • I appreciate what is of true and lasting value in people and things.

How will you use the energy of the Metal Element Season and the quality of VALUE to add to your positive life story... where everything makes sense and you anticipate being at the beginning of something wonderful happening for you?

I have options to help you Improve your life story now!... 

With love and light 


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