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Missed a Session? You are covered!

September 03, 2020 3:34 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

There is a powerful energy shift that may occur for participants in group session.  Author Lynne McTaggart first wrote about this phenomena, in her book "The Power of Eight"  citing, many ancedotal accounts of personal goals manifesting for participants of her healing circles.   That is one of the reasons why I love offering topical group sessions here at, as it provides all of us with another option to clear specific patterns, as we explore our personal holographic universe.   I have developed the session notes and in many cases accompanying contemplation cards as post session tools you may use again as needed in your world. 

You will find my Seasonal repatternings and World Peace Hologram sessions for free on the website. 

In the case of Nun Karma repatterning or my PHD (Personal Holographic Discoveries) group repatterning series or others registration closes immediately after the event date  rendering it unavailable - until now . 

In the monthly group repatterning Personal Holographic Discoveries (PHD) we have so far,  completed topics for My Life Vision, and Resonating with Luck Synchronicity and Flow.  We'll explore family patterns in the September 12th session for Ancestral Echoes.

If you missed as session and would like to be included, they are now available as single purchase webinars at the LightTravels Store

However, if you are a Premium Member ($99/year) the past 12 sessions will be available to you as part of your membership. You still need to register (free) for upcoming events.

Become a premium member here:

My goal is to create a number of topics we don't usually cover in personal sessions to compliment your Personal Holographic Journey.  

Email me if you have any questions... happy to help. 
With love and light

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

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