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Group programs (in progress & pre-recorded webinars)

The Power  of Group Repatterning 

Group sessions provide you with additional tools to spiral your awareness towards your life vision.

In addition to Holographic Coaching sessions, I also offer a number of group programs that are either live or recorded.  Group sessions are provided with a main topic where participants may customize the session to their situation by sending in their related issues and intentions.  All participants contributions make up a 'hologram' for the session anchored in space and time where a special group energy is formed.    Much has been written about the power of group sessions such as in the book -The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart.  Her research and anecdotal accounts demonstrated how supporting each others' intention in a group can exponentially and unexpectedly manifest our own intentions.   

In these session all information received from you is used anonymously by myself as practitioner.   Often the 'hologram' anticipates your participation even if you have submitted your information for repatterning - after the session!

Sessions are typically followed up with a set of session notes, journaling questions, and the session video on a page found in your MY PROGRAMS section of the website.

How to Access group repatterning tools: 

Scan the catalog of available options below and  click through to obtain registration information to add to your MY PROGRAMS account.  Some have a registration for a live event with video available afterwards; others are pre-recorded and are either free or available with membership or a store purchase. 

Am I registered?  Login and hover over the PROGRAMS navigation tab.  Click on the sub link for MY PROGRAMS.  Access to all of your programs is listed there.  Please contact if something is missing from your account. 

 Programs (Added to MY PROGRAMS after purchase)

Tools to Travel Within.. 

Event registration is available to members and non members. 


Personal Holographic Discoveries 

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Releasing Patterns of Nun Karma 

Aligned for Mercury Retrograde 

Try Out a Group Repatterning for Free! A number of group session topics are offered to help everyone experience how easy it is to change your resonance.  What we resonate with is what we experience! 

5 Seasons Repatterning 

Each season including the between spaces is governed by a set of elemental qualities.  When we are in tune with nature we access these energies as needed to support our life vision.  Explore how this works for you by participating in the next season event OR selecting a webinar of one of the completed seasons.  

Energize your  life vision intention!  Visit the SEASONS program (free)

World Peace Hologram 

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