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Welcome to Aligned for Mercury Retrograde - Participation Instructions

Welcome! You are now logged into your program page for the Aligned for Mercury Retrograde program. 

    • Scroll down for general participation instructions.
    • Select the session link and go to the CURRENT SESSION participation page for submissions, broadcast details, recordings, session notes and more. 

Next Live Broadcast  

Join us for the next 
Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Session - Live! 
with Carolyn Winter and Julie Simmons
April 1st at 6:30pm Eastern


Participation Instructions

Participation is easy. Once you have registered, your energy field is already included in the next long distance healing session.  However, you may personalize the session to your circumstances and also do something for yourself to put coherence or positive vibes into  your field of energy.  Here are the options for your participation. Click any link to proceed.

1. Submit Your Information for repatterning

 A form is set up online to receive your information. All information is collected anonymously and together with the submissions of others forms a field of information which is then used for the session.  Every submission then contributes to the group energy field and is read in its entirety by myself as the practitioner doing the session and Julie Simmons as the proxy.

We will announce and start this session on the first day of the retrograde  and proxy the session itself into the most appropriate time zone for each person.     We email all participants when the session is beginning.  While it is not necessary  to be online or "in-tune" with the time of the session past group proxy participants enjoy doing compatible activities during the time of the session.  These may include journaling, meditation or some activity directly related to the topic. Proceed to the form on the Sessions Pages listed above (ie Session 1, 2, 3 etc) 

SESSION BROADCAST - Julie and I will broadcast the session live. Proceed to the Session Page (links above) to view the video live (date and time in your announcement email and on this page) or a few days later to view the  recorded version.

2. Do the Recommended Positive Action

This is an action recommended for this particular up-coming group, that individuals may do for themselves to activate the potential of the session and their intentions.  This action may be done at anytime after the session and throughout the Mercury Retrograde period. 

3. Pick Up Your notes -

The session notes are written up and a notice emailed to participants within 7-10 days of the session.  They are posted online at the session link listed above (ie Session 1, 2 3 etc).  Sometimes reading the notes may help you confirm your experience of the session.   For some individuals, reading the notes is not helpful and if you find them confusing or discouraging it is recommended that you NOT read the notes. 

4.  Share Your Experiences -  

before the miraculous becomes an ordinary experience for you, be sure and share your experiences with others!  This is extraordinary work, and you are at the leading edge of a new paradigm in science and spirituality.   Others would love to hear how this program worked for you.    Also, read what others have to say.  We have a WordPress blog in place where you may make comments at any related post.

If you have any questions please be sure to contact me ( remembering that I am in the Eastern Standard Time zone) at 416.763-6306 OR Email Carolyn Winter

That's It!  - Julie and I ...will email you on just prior to the session to let you know when the session is starting and when it has finished.  It is not necessary to be online or "in tune" while we are doing the session.


Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

When is Mercury Retrograde? in 2024

Mercury is Retrograde in 2024 on these dates: 

  • April 1 - April 24 
  • August 05 - August 28 
  • November 25 - December 16

Mercury Retrograde Sessions 

Registered Participants... Click the link to go to the program session page where you will find all the participation links including link to send in your information, the  broadcast details to attend live, the audio and video recordings and the session notes. 

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