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My alignment experience

  • January 18, 2023 8:19 PM
    Message # 13063172
    Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    I love experiencing an aligned mercury retrograde event!

    So I had question for my doctor about the test results recorded to my medical account after my recent knee surgery.  The reception/booking staff insisted I had to book an inperson visit and arranged Jan 16 at 11:45am.   However, still reliant on my sister coming from out of town for transportation, I cancelled the visit the day befor  to accommodate her schedule. On the day of the (now cancelled) appointment they called to reschedule and I asked if the doctor could answer my questions by phone. She replied NO but then 10 minutes later at 11:30 am called to say the doctor was making an exception and would call me at the old appointment time of 11:45am. (alignment #1) 

    Sure enough the doctor called and I asked my questions but he could not access my account because of a slow computer and hung up to go to another office computer.  He called back a few minutes later to say the whole system was down! As it turns out - the computer system for 3 major hospitals went down at that exact time for nearly 48 hours! The doctor then  efficiently answered my questions by email 2 days later. Had my sister arrived to take me there in person as originally scheduled, it would have been a wasted trip as the computers were down and my records inaccessible! alignment #2) 

    Thats Aligned for Mercury Retrograde!

    With love and light 


    PS - and the test results were fine! 

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