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The Trickster Meets Up with St. Anthony and other Mercury Retrograde Stories

  • June 05, 2022 2:02 PM
    Message # 12806551
    Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Mercury retrogrades are often not fun - for me it is usually to do with that held back feeling that the thing I most want to launch now or start next is best served by waiting. 

    However, the glad tidying's I experienced more than compensated.  A few of our participants at the live event with Julie Simmons and I, last May 10th had commented on a recent shared phenomena of having lost or misplaced things.  In my case my treasured Papier-mâché pin dish with my perfect fitting thimble had been missing for months. Suggestions started flying around about invoking the help of St. Anthony (patron saint of lost things) and I also suggested we include them in the repatterning.  

    If St. Anthony or the repatterning helped you ... I invite you to share your experience here.  I know I was ASTONISHED!!!!!!  to find my pin dish hiding in plain view a few days after the repatterning.  It is baffling as I had completed turned over every corner of my 2 bedroom apartment looking for it for the last 3 months.  Whether that was St. Anthony pushing the trickster out of the way or the repatterning bringing energy to my field so that I could 'see' more... I am grateful it is back.  

    The other delightful thing that happened for me was an answer to my issue of needing to find help with getting my snow tires changed over.  It is a big job of lugging them out of the locker into my car and then the winter tires returned to the locker after my Canadian Tire visit.   Serendipitously, the guy who installs my air-conditioning unit at the beginning of the season, called earlier than usual.  It had never occurred to me before to just ask if he could help.  I asked and he not only said yes but offered to do the job of changing over the tires as well.  Lower cost and more convenience - that is what I call aligned energy! 

    I am glad the retrograde is now over and look forward to getting back to my usual self of starting lots of different things! 

    How about you?  How did you experience this latest Mercury Retrograde? 

    With love and light 


  • June 05, 2022 3:17 PM
    Reply # 12806596 on 12806551
    Julie Simmons

    I, too had a great St. Anthony moment. I found my Presto card which i haven't seen (or needed) for 2 + years. But i was hunting for it and could not locate it. Wouldn't you know that in the hunt for something completely unrelated it popped from the back of one of those drawers that consume and obscure the 'small stuff' of our lives. Now of course i need to remember how to put money into it and use it. should be easy from here. 

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