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Personal Holographic Discoveries - Life Vision Intention Series (includes a personal session)

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The Personal Holographic Journey - Life Vision Intention series provides a valued packed option to experience Resonance Repatterning for anyone on the path to clearing long standing energy patterns , move forward on the Life Vision Intention and create a positive life story about where their life is going next. This package includes 1. A personal holographic coaching session with long time practitioner Carolyn Winter. Arranged within 6 months of purchase. Use the Online Booking link. 2. 3 Group Session Video/Audio Recordings. Topics include: - Life Vision Intention Repatterning x2 (sessions) - Who Are You Today? Update Your Identity Resonance! - Resonate with Hope For Where Your Life is Going 3. An opportunity for Q & A via the discussion board Each online session topic offers a video of 60-90 minutes/audio version, + session notes that you may customize to follow along with in the session. The video and notes may be re-used at anytime to address new issues/ intentions related to the topic. Program instructions are also included *Online programs are available for 6 months. Audio may be downloaded.

Contact Carolyn Winter 
Phone: 416-763-6306
Email: carolyn@lighttravels.com


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