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PHD-Relationship Intention Repatterning

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A previously recorded group session - this webinar consists of links for a video and audio recording plus a fillable pdf copy of the session notes to use alongside the recording. Whether it's Valentines day, a friends wedding, or someone's aniversary we can be triggered about the quality of our own intimate relationship or longing to find one. Whatever it is for you,the trigger gives us another reason for reflecting on our patterns and clearing them up to create happiness within ourselves despite our relationship status. When we are coherent and resonating with want we want in a relationship that is healthy - we are more likely to attract the relationship we desire. Relationship Intention Repatterning Can Help! This is a wonderful repatterning for anyone either looking for a committed life partner, companion or wanting to improve a present relationship. For those without a partner setting intentions helps to create the field of attraction for your ideal partner. For those with a partner, it helps to clear the patterns of relating that block the full coherent expression of your relationship. This repatterning is also based on the analogy of how electricity works - defined as keen contagious excitement. Imagine your relationship wired for loving success! This repatterning will help to : - clear patterns of past relationship heartache and challenges that block or interfere with relationships in the present - clear the negative beliefs and attitudes we resonate with that unconsciously undermine our intentions for relationship - Create a magnetic field of attraction for our desired relationship by resonating with coherent relationship patterns and qualities - resonate with intentions that help us create our ideal relationship Navigate your personal holographic universe - of relationships!

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