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PHD: Career Leaps to Greatness Repatterning

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The events of this past year have caused a good number of people to rethink their career, their workplace, their business with many being force to re-invent themselves online or in some other modified way. If you are flexible and adaptable - this may have been the challenge you needed to get out of a rut or take your goals to a new level. If you like familiarity, routine and are often a bit resistant to change, you are likely feeling resentful, overwhelmed or worse - defeated. Yet inside each of us is a seed of passionate purpose wanting to express the best of who we are and what we want to be or contribute to this world that is beautiful, true, or good... something that makes a difference. When we manifest our gifts and talents in ways that serve us and others we are truly living our potential. Let's close out the year of 2020, by clearing patterns that challenge our personal greatness and resonate with the positive patterns that helps us take a career leap. In this repatterning session we'll identify and clear the common 12 obstacles to manifesting our potential and energize 14 qualities that manifest our potential. For example ... Let's stop resonating with: fear of power lack of focus poor habit patterns wasting time or losing heart in the face of failures etc. Instead let's get energized for qualities such as: focus and present moment attention discipline with love letting go, having patience confidence, right attitude selflessness Most of all we'll get "ON" for 100% commitment and unhesitating action for our career leap goal. Get started...

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