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PHD: Being & Becoming Your Life Vision

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Repatterning to support our Living Our Life Vision and Purpose: When we resonate with a life vision, purpose and passion that we intend for ourselves, we create an internal GPS that enables us to make daily decisions that align with it and look out for any problems. Many people claim they don't know their purpose or they have a sense of it but don't have time to work at it let alone live it. Read the related blog post for more information... 'What is the story behind your life vision? This repatterning will help us resonate with core patterns that support living our life purpose including: - Mindfulness orientation - Qualities of optimism, poignance and release - Our personal gifts and strengths - New 'nun karma' vows for Soul Vision of Fulfillment, and Global Evolution - Qualities that help us connect to our purpose - qualities that develop our ability to 'author' our own life by creating our own stories Our key intention we want to resonate with is..."MY life makes sense to me and I am at the beginning of something wonderful happening for me in my life." Let's Get Started...

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