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Resonate with Luck, Synchronicity & Flow

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Three wonderful qualities to cultivate on our holographic journey are luck, synchronicity, and flow. When we experience these energetic states, life can feel magical, wonderful, and like we are in love with life itself. Most people experience some aspect of these states in at least a few life events - falling in love, getting married, being promoted, landing a new career job or yes,... winning a lottery or other game of chance. While it may blow our energy circuits to be in a state of flow, good luck and synchronicity all the time, you may wish to cultivate the ability to call on these qualities when you need them. Your “To Do” list, big project at work, vacation plans etc. may all benefit. To be in this state, also means that we must be able to let go of patterns and negative beliefs that habitually block our success if only temporarily. Awareness of our own mind chatter that routinely cancels our state of luck, synchronicity and flow includes saying things like ‘I am so unlucky’, “I will never be able to…”, “I can’t focus.” Etc Join this repatterning webinar to: - Resonate with the underlying factors that help us create luck. - Tune into the messages of the universe via your own synchronicities - Resonate with the flow qualities of: 1. Selflessness 2. Timelessness 3. Effortlessness 4. Richness The session that may well unlock many unexpected, but delightful surprises and tangibly help you in your holographic journey. Join this webinar and notice how the Hologram has anticipated you! Customize your copy of the session notes to your situation as you follow along with the audio or video.

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