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Holographic Coaching Sessions With Carolyn Winter - transformative sessions utilizing priniciples of resonance, biofeedback and and energy work.  Light travels deep within... 


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    • July 14, 2022
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Online via Video Conferencing

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    Life Vision Intention Repatterning - A Leap to Personal Greatness

    Friday July 15th 2022 at 1:00PM-2:30PM Eastern
    [10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00p Central | 6:00pm London UK]

    Are you living your life vision and acting on your life purpose?  Wondering why not or how you can improve it?   

    In theories of chaos and complexity, energy moves to create form using a principle called a “Strange Attractor”. The energy that forms a strange attractor draws or “attracts” elements from the free flowing chaotic patterns around it. It changes the coherence and shape of things. It acts like a beacon, resonating a frequency of energy that attracts similar frequencies.

    In your personal life, anything you’ve assigned purpose and meaning (whether you meant to or not!) is a strange attractor. Your intentions, whether spoken, written, or simply a half-formed idea floating around in your mind, can be very powerful strange attractors.

    If “strange attractors” attract similar frequencies, then the important question becomes: have you consciously chosen the strange attractors in your life? If your world feels like it is falling apart, or chaotic in some way, it is an indication that the energy is no longer holding the form of your life the way you have been living it. Something new is needed.

    You can invite the new by consciously choosing your strange attractors, working at making them strong beacons for the energy that you want to draw to yourself. By resonating with your chosen attractors you can live a coherent, creative life no matter how chaotic your circumstances. You will have created an inner GPS call that your energy system will deliver you to.

    We must start with our intentions. Creating a Life Vision Intention is the primary strange attractor we can use to organize all of our other life intentions. When you set a Life Vision Intention – and resonate with it - other things in your life will begin to show up to support it in tangible and intangible ways.

    In this repatterning we will...

    • Create or review a current life vision intention using the four questions below for reflection
    • Identify what blocks us
    • Set intentions in other areas that support the overall intention (instead of cancelling it out!)
    • Create movement for our life vision with a spin story of success

    This repatterning will help us to...

    • Create clarity for what we want in our life
    • Clean up old patterns of being that block our growth
    • Create a better relationship with time
    • Create movement for our life vision and supporting intentions

    Ready to move your life vision forward?...

    Join me for the next PHD Repatterning
    July 14th  2022
    at 1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern...
    Resonate with Your Life Vision Intention
    & Leap to Greatness

    With light and love


    Carolyn Winter

    Holographic Coach


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